different-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : भिन्न, मुख़्तलिफ़, अंतरज, ख़ास, स्पेशल, मुख़्तलिफ़, फ़र्क, विविध, विभिन्न, भिन्न-भिन्न, अन्य, पृथक, पर, न्यारा, ख़ास, असमान, असदृश, अलग

Adverb : अलग-अलग

Example Sentences :

Let’s approach this problem from a different aspect.

There are plants of different kinds in this garden.

Do you have this jacket in different colors?

I would like you to replace my cell phone with a different model which has all the claimed features or give me a total refund.

Make sentences using words from the different columns.

In sentence the same thing has been expressed in a different way.

Communication with people from different parts of the country becomes easy if one knows lish.

When we would all try to do it in our heads, all would arrive at different results.

He has a different way.

Each character should be different from the other.

This great amount of heat is produced in quite a different way.

Students in small groups were standing at different places.

It is a different matter that a teacher is always ready to make every sacrifice for his students.

Books on different subjects are kept in the same almirahs in a disorderly way.

The table given ahead indicates the different tenses.

On the other hand, he tried many different professions, one after the other.

Is the weather different in your part of the country?

Yes, but it was demonstrated in a different building.

There are many different people in Europe.

I had four different meetings today.

Thousands of Muslims offered prayers in different mosques in the city.

Are you consuming too many pills to treat different body aches?

But for every skin type you need to follow a different skin care .

But for every skin type you need to follow a different skin care routine.

They are different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through from time to time.

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