different in a sentence

Life in the city is totally different from the rural life.

People in different states of the country have their own ways of life, their languages and political views.

Man is different from an animal because he is rational.

The zoo is a place where different kinds of birds and animals are kept for show.

This pen is different from that one.

Our body has many different parts.

A library has books on different subjects.

Stamps are of different colours, designs and sizes.

Each one of us has a different way of looking at things.

Without electricity, life would be very different from it is now.

The soil is different at different places.

She had a different temperament from her husband.

Stamps are of different colours, designs and sizes.

He collects stamps of different countries.

Every person in this world has a different temperament, a different level of motivation and a different psyche.

Every year we have floods in different parts of the country.

People of different communities participate in each other’s religious festival.

Our school is organising a one-week’s historical tour to different places.

People of different communities participate in each other’s religious festival.

What are the different uses of water for us?

We can learn more about people and their behaviours when we work among different kinds of people.

I have frequently travelled by bus with my parents to different places.

Life in the hostel is quite different from the life at home.

There are many different types of health insurance plans and each has its own pros and cons.

Every individual is different in a number of ways.

Different food contains different nutrients and vitamins that can help us feel awake, motivated and energized the whole day.

There are different causes of fever and many illnesses can also cause fever.

I prefer something totally different .

I think people want something different and interesting.

He is surely made of a different stuff.

Synonyms Of Different – Another Words

Contrasting, Disparate, Distant, Distinct, Distinctive, Divergent, Diverse, Offbeat, Other, Particular, Peculiar, Various

Antonyms Of Different – Opposite Words

Alike, Common, Like, Normal, Ordinary, Resembling, Same, Similar, Standard, Uniform, Usual

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