different in a sentence

A Railway Station presents different scenes at different times.

A Video Cassette is a magnetic tape which records different events when fed into a Video-Camera.

A library has books on different subjects.

A machine is only a motorized gadget consisting of different parts.

A more experienced lawyer would have dealt with the case in a different way.

A newspaper brings so many different things for so many people and that is their importance.

A work place demands a different approach both professionally and personally.

Addictions come in different forms.

Additionally it improves the functionality of the different system of the body.

Alcohol is a beverage that has been in existence since time immemorial in many different forms.

All arrive at different results.

All the newspapers bring out different editions on different days.

Also more and more companies are doing business in different regions of the Worlds.

And I got something different out of each experience.

Animals have different purposes when it comes to the environment.

Another major problem was the different dimensions of the new notes.

Apart from all this you and your partner may have different approaches .

Apart from that in different countries and in different geographical areas the duration of rainy season is not fixed.

Are you tired of adopting different ways to make your baby sleep .

Atoms are of different sizes, but all of them are too small.

Baseball is different from cricket.

Being productive does not mean that you age yourself in different tasks every time.

Below are given words with three different spellings each.

Birds of a different feather nest together .

Books come in different genres.

Both can solve any problem with their different types of techniques or skills.

By going to different parts of the world we can come to know whether we are more advanced than others or whether we are backward.

Can we go to a different venue?

Can you see anything different in the room?

Check out the different ways to get rid of pesticides in your body.

Children are different and you have to find the best idea that will work for your child.

Children organise different programmes.

College life is altogether different from school life.

College life is completely different from school life.

Competence and performance are two different things.

Could you change it for a different one?

Cutting down of trees has serious consequences in different spheres.

Different countries have different timelines to start the publication of Newspapers.

Different crops require different dose of water and influence the choice of crops in the region.

Different flowers represent different meanings.

Different food contains different nutrients and vitamins that can help us feel awake, motivated and energized the whole day.

Different individuals have different aims in life.

Different languages are used in different places in the world.

Different measures help in increasing the biodiversity of the earth.

Different people have different ambitions in life.

Different people have different beliefs.

Different people have different ideas of happiness.

Different people read it for different purposes.

Different people speak different languages.

Different professionals cater to the needs of different categories of the people.

Different types of drugs affect your body in different ways.

Different words evoke different feelings.

Different words used in a sentence have different functions.

Do you have the same thing in a different color?

Draw different shapes on your eyebrows to check which shape suits you.

Due to severe educational influence the child became a wholly different person.

Due to this belief many different cultures exist.

Dumplings have a different name here.

Dussehra is celebrated all over India with different names.

Each day we played different games for example football on one day and cricket on the other.

Each format has a different set of rules and duration.

Each individual is different and no two individuals can be alike.

Each interpretation charts an entirely different course for the follower.

Each one of us has a different way of looking at things.

Each person finds their mission differently and has a different journey.

Each person has different hobbies and doing different things gives them joy.

Each team has an expert who guides different team members with his prior experience.

Each time he had a different reason for his absences.

Every individual is different in a number of ways.

Every person in this world has a different temperament, a different level of motivation and a different psyche.

Every piece of reading matter calls for a different kind of reading.

Every spice used in the Indian cuisine has a different aroma and flavour.

Every student can participate in different types of sporting events.

Every year we have floods in different parts of the country.

Everyone acts so different here.

Everyone around you has different things to tell about you but only you know your true self.

Everyone is different and when you write about yourself you are showing your uniqueness.

Few and a few have different meanings.

Flowers smell so good that we use it in different places by planting them in our garden.

He act in a different way.

He came to see me in a different way.

He collects stamps of different countries.

He goes about different streets and bazars of the town.

He had a variety of axes for different jobs.

He has friends from many different walks of life.

He is different from what he used to be.

He is surely made of a different stuff.

He isn’t very different from anybody else.

He marches to the beat of a different drummer.

He meets different people speaking different languages, having different traditions, customs,.

He patronised the Navratna or nine gems in his court.

He sent me sweets with different flavor.

He studied different languages and religions.

He travelled to far off places and to different parts of India.

He was open to a different way of thinking.

Her ideas on education are very different from mine.

Here are some examples with different co-ordinating conjunctions .

Here are some more examples with different verb forms.

Here are some tips of different hairstyles that compliment your face structure.

Here the people catch buses of different routes.

His answer is different from mine.

His book divides into different sections of mathematics and astronomy.

How are ants different from most other kinds of insects ?

How are these two types of manners different from each other ?

How is a smartphone different from a feature phone?

How is college life different from school life?

How many different pieces are there in Japanese chess?

How many different schools have you attended?

How vocational education is different from traditional education?

How were they different from other traders?

Humans have emotions and feelings they express different emotions at different times.

I am looking at the matter from a different viewpoint.

I came in the game with a different attitude than I have now.

I can add many sentences in different languages.

I have a similar dress, but it’s a different size.

I have been doing a show for three years now, but these small changes where you get to play something different .

I have frequently travelled by bus with my parents to different places.

I have this briefcase in a different color.

I like reading books of different genres.

I prefer something totally different .

I see it from a different angle

I suppose it’s different when you think about it over the long term.

I think people want something different and interesting.

I think that Misty has different feelings towards insects.

I want to know the different kinds of policies which are offered by the LIC.

If a child learns the grammar of their mother tongue well then they will be able to guess the meaning of the words in different languages easily.

If scalp acne is left untreated it can cause severe infection and can spread to different parts.

If you go to different places every summer vacation then you can learn new things about those places.

In most of his poems, Keats appreciates different forms of beauty.

In this section coins of different periods have been kept.

In this students from different schools come to participate.

India was very different from what I had imagined.

It also helps us act wisely in different situations.

It appeals to men of different tastes and temperaments.

It comes in different forms which we can easily mold.

It comes with different gears and a basket as well.

It gives me many different impressions.

It gives us different types of programmes.

It has Judges from different countries who are elected for a period of years.

It has a different value for different people.

It has been filled up by some totally different substance.

It has led to an increase in different types of pollution.

It is a psychological concept everyone has different views on.

It is a team sport that is commonly found in many different areas.

It is different from a body wrap.

It is different from our profression or daily routine.

It is difficult to relate to someone who has different values from you.

It is entirely different from school life.

It is not any different from what I expected.

It is not so different to dive as you think.

It is performed within the society maintaining the social norms and different rites and rituals.

It is prepared with two different methods and is famous worldwide.

It is the variety of different coloured and perfumed flowers that lends beauty to a garden.

It looks different in daylight.

It may suggest differently to different persons.

It offers a lot of advantages for humans in different spheres of the world.

It plays different roles to make sure there is smooth functioning in the country.

It puts a different complexion on the situation.

It serves the purpose of all the subjects in different periods.

It throws light on different human-relationships.

It was different in your days.

It’s a bit different .

It’s really different from what I expected.

I’m very open to all different genres because I’m a very open-minded girl.

Japan is now very different from what it was twenty years ago.

Knowing what to do is very very different than actually doing it.

Land pollution is the cause of many different factors that ultimately pollute the land.

Language can be used in different ways.

Law and politics are two different things.

Let’s approach this from a different angle.

Lets see how consuming milk at different times during the day affects us .

Life in a hostel is different from life in a home.

Life in a village is much different from the life in big cities.

Life in city different from rural life.

Life in the city is totally different from the rural life.

Life in the hostel is quite different from the life at home.

Makar Sankranti is called by different names in different parts of the country.

Makar Sankranti is celebrated in the whole nation with different names.

Man is different from an animal because he is rational.

Mangoes are grown in many different countries.

Many different articles are displayed in an exhibition.

Many more men were drawn to the seas and different lands.

Men and women are same on certain levels but very different in some areas.

Menopause affects different women in different ways.

Most importantly cinema brings to us different cultures of the world.

Most of the people are migrating from here to different provinces of India.

My family gives me valuable suggestions about different careers and the ones most suitable for me.

My father has a very different notion about the celebration of my birthday.

My garden has different vegetables growing in them.

My method displayed a different spirit.

My opinion is completely different from yours.

My opinion on what should be done is different from his.

My routine is different for this week.

My shirt is different from yours.

My views are different than you.

Nickey Hilton and Paris Hilton reportedly bought over dresses for a discount of dollars after spending minutes trying different outfits .

No love and charity are different things but they are interlinked at some point.

No, that is a different book.

Nouns are of different kinds.

Obviously that’s different for men and women.

One rose or a bouquet of roses can add a different look to the bedroom.

Other girls were pursuing research in different departments of science.

Our body has many different parts.

Our college library has about one lack and fifty thousand book on different subjects.

Our school is organising a one-week’s historical tour to different places.

Our shirts are all the same color but are all different sizes.

Ours is a large country inhabited by the people of different religions, castes and colours.

People believe in different customs as per different days.

People belonging to different religions should live in perfect harmony.

People celebrate Dussehra differently in different regions of India.

People derive happiness and satisfaction from doing different things.

People from different communities have different modes of salutation while greeting with others.

People from different lands have come to India.

People from different parts of the world come to see the Diwali of Amritsar.

People from different villages take part in these matches.

People have different reasons to wait for the Rainy Season eagerly.

People here have different faiths.

People in different fields use this term differently.

People in different states of the country have their own ways of life, their languages and political views.

People of different castes and religions live here.

People of different communities participate in each other’s religious festival.

People of different communities, cultures and religions live together as a common family.

People of different religions celebrate Diwali.

People try different methods and set of skills to increase their incomes.

Pimple treatment of course varies on different skin types.

Polite behaviour is different in different countries.

Privacy is a very different thing-.

Put on different coloured socks out of two pairs.

Recovery time may also vary as everyone heals at a different rate.

Rewrite the following sentences in as many different ways as you can

Rules are different for them .

Saying and doing are two different things.

Science has not invented war, but it has changed it into a very different thing.

Self-discipline means different things to different people.

She excels in all examinations, sports and cultural activities and in different professions.

She gives varied impressions on different occasions.

She had a different temperament from her husband.

She is different from her sister in every way.

She is different from you.

Some students are playing different games in the playground.

Some words take different Prepositions or Adverbs after them.

Sometimes a word may be used as different Parts of Speech and with different meanings.

Stamps are of different colours, designs and sizes.

Stamps tell us the past history of different countries.

State the different genres of books.

Students belonging to different regions and cultures stay together in a hostel.

Swimming will develop many different muscles.

That is why it is being shown on different channels time and again.

That reads two different ways.

That was a different one.

That’s a horse of a different color.

The Education Minister was invited to give away the prizes to the winners of different events.

The Future Tense has four different forms.

The Hindus perform different rituals to please Lord Krishna.

The Indian paintings and sculptures have left their mark on different civilizations.

The changes in the crystals make the alloys’ properties different from those of the metals.

The compartment was full of people of different castes.

The condition was different in America.

The country is very different from what it was just after the war.

The different incidents should be logically arranged.

The different part of the world has different climates.

The face will leave in you an utterly different impression.

The lion and the tiger are two different species of cat.

The new leader united the different groups.

The occurrence of different seasons will soon cease.

The people come from different corners of the world to see it.

The play Romeo and Juliet has been performed on stage numerous times.

The play was originally written in Old Shakespearean lish which is very different from modern lish that is used nowadays.

The policemen of every state of India can be distinguished by their different official symbols.

The reason for using this principle by companies is different social and cultural traditions.

The road branched into different directions.

The room looks different after I’ve changed the curtains.

The same cause often gives rise to different effects.

The school is conducted in a very different manner from what it used to be.

The soil is different at different places.

The students flock round it and buy the ice creams that are available in different flavours.

The symptoms are different from the normal ups and downs.

The table below shows the voting pattern in five different constituencies.

The uniforms are different from those of our school.

The village is now very different from what it was ten years ago.

The zoo is a place where different kinds of birds and animals are kept for show.

Their lifestyle is different to ours.

There are clubs for different co-curricular activities.

There are different causes of fever and many illnesses can also cause fever.

There are different genres of books available for book readers.

There are different kinds of beggars in our country.

There are different sections for the students and the staff.

There are different theories about how people learn a language.

There are different types of hawkers.

There are different ways of expressing a condition without changing the meaning of a sentence.

There are lots of mountaineering clubs that organise different levels of hiking depending upon your stamina .

There are many different animals.

There are many different languages that can be used to programme a computer.

There are many different opinions on the best way to reduce crime.

There are many different people in Europe.

There are many different types of health insurance plans and each has its own pros and cons.

There are many different ways of talking about the future in lish.

There are many different ways of talking about the future, depending on how we see a future event.

There are more than seventy thousand books on different subjects.

There are over different kinds of pies.

There are specially designed outfits for different types of sports like tennis, athletics, football, swimming, etc.

There are two different pronunciations of this word.

There are two different uses.

There is a diverse variety of plastic with different properties.

There is a lot of variation in the customs of different people in India.

There was a picture gallery in which we saw pictures and portraits of different kings and heroes of the past.

There was an arrangement for a van which could take the visitors to different parts of the zoo.

There were coins of different shapes and metals.

There were pictures and paintings of different periods.

There were ten different men ready to accept the offer.

These are completely different opinions.

These hats are made in different sizes and colours.

These plain sofas come in two different styles.

These towels are the same color but different sizes.

These two are very different from each other.

These two simple sentences can be joined in three different ways

They all have different equations and experiences.

They are as different as night and day.

They are different forms of the same thing.

They are different from Facebook ads they are more like coupons.

They are different from the others.

They are not very different from anybody else.

They are of different types and nature.

They are very different from each other.

They are very essential for our environment and exist in different breeds.

They belong to different parties.

They can be joined in many different ways.

They can be joined together in many different ways.

They clearly have something different in mind.

They convey an entirely different meaning.

They don’t have to struggle to get different registrations.

They gave different versions of the accident.

They get to experience different cultures and have a broader mind.

They have different colours and shapes.

They have different customs.

They have different philosophies of life.

They have different tastes and different characters. Trying to get them together is like putting a square peg in a round hole.

They have five different kinds of horses on their farm.

They have very different opinions.

They instigate different communities to fight.

They like to try different delicacies.

They might be different from what we desired.

They seem little different to any other young couple.

They speak languages different from ours.

They teach us a lot of things about different stuff.

They understand the need for different sectors of society.

They were different from the other traders as they looked like strangers to the place.

They were of different kinds and colours.

They will have different ideas.

They’re all just different shades of legendary.

This and that are two different stories.

This bicycle is different from your bicycle in quality.

This book is different from that one.

This book is different from that.

This desk is different from the one I ordered.

This is because he travels in different countries throughout the year.

This is different from what I thought.

This is little different from what I want.

This is no different from that.

This money is used to purchase arms and plan terrorist activities in different parts of the country.

This pen is different from that one.

This scheme is entirely different to what I planned.

This shirt is no different from that.

This shirt is not different from that.

This signifies that she always took a different path from others and was a leader.

This table is different from the other.

This watch is different from that one.

Today mobile phones are available in various shapes and sizes having different technical specifications.

Try to write paragraphs on different topics.

Two women were killed in two different accidents.

Various bands from different schools participate in this.

Watching a right mix of different programmes is desirable.

We are going to discuss the various methods of punishment that are used in different countries.

We can learn more about people and their behaviours when we work among different kinds of people.

We can take different steps to conserve nature like stopping the cutting down of trees.

We had trainers who would teach us different things each day.

We have been using it for thousands of years in numerous different ways all over the world.

We have different ways of thinking.

We know about the customs and cultures of different parts of the country.

We must different tactics in our fight against dealers.

We must take different measures to do so.

We must take the necessary steps to conserve our wildlife and different species of plants.

We shall begin with a sentence containing different parts of speech.

We should hold aloft the torch of unity irrespective of our different faiths and creeds.

We study in same class but unfortunately in different schools.

We tell you different ways.

We use the same classroom for two different groups of students each day.

We were arguing on different planes to the last.

We will learn how they are significantly different from each other.

We wish to buy furniture of different kinds for offices and homes.

We would all try to do it in our heads, and all arrive at different results.

We would arrive different results.

We would arrive at different results.

We would discover it at a different place.

We would each discover it in a different place.

What are the different uses of water for us?

When we speak, we use different words which convey different meanings as per their position in the sentence.

While reading them, I am lost in a different world.

While various governments of different countries are taking measures to conserve them we must do it too individually.

Why don’t you try a different tack?

Why was the pronunciation of the members of the committee different from one another ?

With different names in different parts of India we celebrate Makar Sankranti.

Without electricity, life would be very different from it is now.

Women are finding out that many different roles are open to them.

Words can be put in different ways in a sentence.

Would you have the same but in a different colour?

Yoga helps in easing different kinds of pain.

You can enroll yourself in different types of courses which will help you build a fine career out of your skills and talents.

You can even buy this yummy fruit at different prices and the taste remains priceless.

You can grow different types of plants and animals in the yard or even in the balcony.

You can solve the problem in different ways.

You don’t have to make a different dish for every person.

You get them in all different colors shades and exotic designs.

You look different today.

You must view the matter from different angles.

You showed me five films at five different theatres.

Your ideas about the government are different from mine.

Your method is different from mine.

Your opinion is far different from mine.

with the help of this theory he calculated the speed of the different planets with respect to the Sun.

Synonyms Of Different – Another Words

Contrasting, Disparate, Distant, Distinct, Distinctive, Divergent, Diverse, Offbeat, Other, Particular, Peculiar, Various

Antonyms Of Different – Opposite Words

Alike, Common, Like, Normal, Ordinary, Resembling, Same, Similar, Standard, Uniform, Usual

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