devotion in a sentence

Indians worship the goddess Laxmi with full devotion.

No plan can be successfully executed unless we have a devotion, enthusiasm and love for it.

Devotion is something which helps one to overcome all odds and ultimately succeed.

I will do it with single-minded devotion and zeal.

I work with single-minded devotion.

It is possible due to hard work and sincere devotion.

It was your tireless efforts and devotion that made the event successful.

A true devotee cares not for anything other than devotion.

She is known for her absolute devotion to her husband.

She is believed to be the sign of devotion.

This festival is celebrated with dedication and devotion.

Pay your full devotion to your studies.

Fasting during Navratri is considered very sacred and many of us follow it with great devotion.

People celebrate the occasion with sheer devotion.

I had performed this with a pure heart full of devotion.

We celebrate festivals with great vigour and devotion.

Hanuman is known for his legendary devotion to Lord Rama.

You are a kind person who deserves true love and devotion.

Onam is celebrated in all its serenity and devotion.

We should worship God with full devotion.

It’s an amazing display of religious devotion.

He had an exemplary devotion for duty.

Your devotion and wisdom is great.

I am happy with your devotion.

Let us attend to this task with devotion.

Your devotion to your work is admirable.

He serves his area with dedication and devotion.

He is well known for his devotion to duty.

He is expected to pursue his studies with a single-minded devotion.

His devotion had touched me deeply.

He loved his country with all great devotion.

He loved his country and had a great devotion to duty.

You can rise to the top by your hard work and devotion to duty.

It’s all because of your hard work and devotion.

Taking deep breaths of fresh air help us to work with devotion.

You are expected to pursue your studies with a single-minded devotion.

He served the wounded with deep devotion and dedication.

Proceed to your destination with a single-minded devotion.

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