developed in a sentence

He has developed the disease of talking in sleep.

I have developed a new hobby.

Today we have several highly-developed means of communication.

It has been developed with a plan.

It is a newly developed colony.

I have developed a taste for reading poems.

This is happening in several developing and under developed countries of the world.

We have to make India a developed and self-reliant nation.

Tourist spots are being developed all over the world to attract the tourists.

Computers were developed in 1940.

Reading habits should be developed in a child from the very beginning.

I want this photograph developed as soon as possible.

Today the conception of nationalism has developed much more.

Man has today developed fast-moving means of transport.

Science has developed new techniques of agriculture.

The town developed beautifully.

These points can be developed into a composition.

They have developed a liking for him.

You have developed a very realistic and no nonsense attitude.

Our car developed engine trouble on the way.

He developed his English skill while he was in America.

He developed his own theory.

He developed his business.

They have developed sophisticated computers.

She slowly developed hatred toward me.

The storm developed into a typhoon.

Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine in .

America is a developed country.

Agriculture is developed in the most fertile lands of the region.

Musical talent can be developed if it’s properly trained.

It has developed into a very large city.

He has developed a new system for learning English.

They developed the conception of nationalism.

She developed her own style of singing.

The different systems of medicine were developed in different parts of the world.

Is there any communication gap that has developed between the two of you?

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