devastating in a sentence

Poverty can have a devastating effect on an individual and largely on the society.

A smouldering cigarette can kindle a devastating bonfire.

Four persons died of suffocation in a devastating fire.

The devastating forest fires have destroyed forest wealth.

This is one of the most devastating decisions that I have ever had to make in my life.

A devastating fire broke out in the vegetable market last Sunday.

A cloudburst is a devastating weather phenomenon.

The consequences and impact of child marriages are devastating.

Goods worth several crores were damaged in a devastating fire.

Anything that travels with such momentum can have a devastating effect if it strikes your eye.

They were saved from the devastating fire.

This devastating earthquake has shaken the whole world.

Losing someone you love is an emotionally devastating experience.

Miscarriages are devastating.

Chronic sinus is worse and devastating that can create various complications.

The loss of a loved one by any means can be devastating.

A divorce becomes even more devastating when there are children involved.

Intrapersonal conflicts can sometimes have a devastating effect on the mental makeup.

The death of a child is the most devastating loss.

The death of any family member can be devastating.

Tornadoes can be devastating acts of nature.

The occurrence of the devastating Earthquake in Peru has shocked the whole world.

The major Earthquakes are almost always devastating in nature.

This constant practice can prove to be extremely devastating for the earth and human life both.

Synonyms Of Devastating – Another Words

Calamitous, Destructive, Disastrous, Overwhelming, Annihilating, Desolating

Antonyms Of Devastating – Opposite Words

Blessed, Fortunate

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