Determination in a sentence

He is firm in his determination to translate his ideals into reality.

He owes his success to hard work and determination.

For every problem there is a solution but one needs determination to solve it.

We must face it with determination.

Optimism keeps your hope and determination alive.

The government has banned prenatal sex determination.

Self-reform depends upon one’s determination.

Many great men achieved success owing to sheer determination and oneness of purpose.

He is a man of determination.

One should have a firm determination to strive and win.

A man with strong determination is not disheartened by failures.

One should do one’ duty with determination.

Negative situation hardens man’s determination.

Games make us men of strong determination.

Strong determination can pull down even mountains.

I inspired him with courage and determination.

The leader called upon his followers to gird up the loins and fight with the enemy with courage and determination.

All these difficulties can be overcome with determination and practice.

A self-reliant man is always brave and full of determination.

Self help, self-confidence, determination save us from misfortunes.

Hard work and determination are the gateway to success and fame.

She was known for her superb leadership and firm determination.

A man who possesses a strong will and firm determination finds all difficulties solved.

He was gifted with the quality of determination.

Where there is a determination, there is a way.

He would be remembered for his fearlessness, fortitude and determination.

Dedication and determination crown our hard work with success.

He was absorbed in his determination to win.

At that time Gokhale was young and full of courage and determination.

You but you have to resist them with determination.

They are symbols of determination for me.

He made a determination to be a doctor.

Synonyms Of Determination – Another Words

Assurance, Boldness, Bravery, Conviction, Courage, Decision, Dedication, Energy, Fortitude, Grit, Persistence, Resolve, Self-Confidence, Steadfastness, Tenacity, Valor, Willpower, Backbone, Certainty, Certitude, Constancy, Dauntlessness, Doggedness, Dogmatism, Drive, Fearlessness, Guts, Hardihood, Heart, Independence, Indomitability, Intrepidity, Nerve, Obstinacy, Pluck, Purpose, Purposefulness, Resoluteness, Resolution, Single-Mindedness, Spine, Spunk, Stubbornness

Antonyms Of Determination – Opposite Words

Cowardice, Diffidence, Fear, Idleness, Indecision, Indifference, Timidity, Wavering, Weakness, Irresolution, Beginning, Disinterest, Doubt, Hesitation, Spinelessness, Start

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