Destroy in a sentence

An atomic bomb can destroy the whole universe in no time.

We should destroy our fear to remove stress from our life.

Rats destroy food and spread diseases.

Overcooking food can destroy the vitamins.

Acne and pimple destroy the beauty of the face.

How dare you destroy my collection?

Words can hurt feelings and destroy a relationship.

Why are you trying to destroy my business?

Plastic goods choke drains and destroy the sewerage system.

Foods that destroy your immunity should be avoided.

A sex addiction can destroy a relationship.

If the fruit is canned or juiced, bromelian gets destroyed.

Ego can destroy any relationship.

These insects have the ability to destroy your home.

A weed plant is a big nuisance in every garden and can destroy your beautiful garden.

The Swastika is said to destroy negative energies in the surrounding.

Drugs can destroy both good and bad bacteria.

The innumerable toxins contained in the cigarettes destroy the lungs entirely.

Applying too many chemicals can destroy hair roots.

Our immune system develops some natural mechanisms to destroy the virus.

Frying can destroy the nutrients present inside the food.

It is easy to destroy but difficult to make.

An atom bomb can destroy the whole city within a few minutes.

It is good to destroy evil thoughts from your mind.

Floods destroy crops.

Vermin destroy our property and carry disease.

It will destroy the whole of mankind.

If the third war breaks out, it may destroy’ the whole world completely.

You have no right to destroy his hopes.

The virus can destroy all your computer files.

Such feelings can destroy your peace of mind and make you alone in crowd.

We must destroy the evidence.

We think nuclear weapons will destroy our earth.

I watched them destroy the old building.

He wanted to destroy it.

You always destroy everything.

Earthquakes destroy buildings.

In this puja people worship goddess Durga to destroy the negative energy and thoughts around them.

Sprinkling insecticides can destroy these eggs.

But some are so strong that they can even destroy the whole city.

Knowledge is something that is so powerful that it can destroy the whole earth and on the other hand is a tool that can restore balance on the earth.

The hurricane had the power to destroy entire towns.

Firefighters worked tirelessly to prevent the fire from destroying nearby homes.

War can destroy the fabric of a society.

The tornado left behind a path of destruction.

Pollution can destroy delicate ecosystems.

The virus has the potential to destroy computer files.

The earthquake was so severe that it could destroy buildings.

Neglect can slowly destroy relationships.

The invader’s goal was to conquer and destroy.

The malicious software can destroy data on your computer.

The invasive species could destroy native plant populations.

The factory’s toxic waste threatened to destroy the nearby river.

The chemicals used in the experiment were powerful enough to destroy metal.

Greed and corruption can destroy businesses from within.

The impact of the collision could destroy the spacecraft.

The dictator’s rule aimed to suppress and destroy dissent.

Cyberattacks can destroy a company’s reputation and customer trust.

The wildfire had the potential to destroy acres of forest.

The economic recession threatened to destroy jobs and livelihoods.

The ruthless villain aimed to destroy the hero’s life.

Overfishing can destroy marine ecosystems.

The riots and violence could destroy the fragile peace in the region.

The invasive species has the ability to destroy native habitats.

The war’s aftermath left a city destroyed and in ruins.

The chemical reaction could destroy the container if not handled carefully.

The ransomware attack had the potential to destroy critical data.

The hurricane’s powerful winds could destroy infrastructure.

The rivalry between the two companies could destroy the market.

The computer virus had the capacity to destroy valuable documents.

The corrupt regime was determined to destroy any opposition.

The malware attack aimed to destroy sensitive information.

The dictator’s oppressive policies were designed to destroy dissent.

The earthquake’s tremors were strong enough to destroy buildings.

The invasive species threatened to destroy the fragile ecosystem.

The termites were slowly but surely destroying the wooden structure.

The explosion could destroy neighboring buildings.

The corrupt practices had the potential to destroy the organization.

The wildfire’s intensity could destroy entire communities.

The acid can destroy metals on contact.

The conflict could destroy generations of progress.

The chemical spill could destroy the local water supply.

The disease has the power to destroy crops and harvests.

The negative comments could destroy her self-esteem.

The extreme temperatures could destroy electronic equipment.

The hostile takeover could destroy the company’s culture.

The flooding had the potential to destroy homes and livelihoods.

The dictator’s regime aimed to destroy all opposition.

The tsunami had the force to destroy coastal areas.

The avalanche threatened to destroy the mountain village.

The floodwaters had the ability to destroy bridges.

The cyberattack was designed to destroy sensitive data.

The invasive species could destroy delicate ecosystems.

The vandalism had the potential to destroy public property.

The landslide could destroy roads and infrastructure.

The war’s consequences could destroy families and communities.

The corrupt practices were eroding and destroying trust.

The dictator’s propaganda aimed to destroy dissenting voices.

The chemicals were so corrosive that they could destroy metals.

The virus had the capability to destroy computer systems.

The destructive behavior could destroy relationships.

The avalanche could destroy homes and buildings.

The hacker’s actions aimed to destroy digital records.

The acid had the power to destroy even the toughest materials.

The missile had the potential to destroy enemy installations.

The blast could destroy everything in its radius.

The toxic waste threatened to destroy the local ecosystem.

The dictator’s regime sought to destroy individual freedoms.

The war had the capacity to destroy entire cities.

The invasive species could destroy the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

The wildfire was moving quickly and could destroy acres of forest.

The earthquake’s tremors could destroy even well-built structures.

The dictator’s regime aimed to destroy any form of opposition.

The virus had the potential to destroy sensitive data.

The chemical reaction could destroy the container if not contained.

The floods could destroy bridges and disrupt transportation.

The enemy’s artillery could destroy fortified positions.

The corrupt practices were slowly destroying the organization from within.

The tornado’s path of destruction left homes and buildings destroyed.

The hackers aimed to destroy the company’s online presence.

The acid had the ability to destroy objects on contact.

Synonyms Of destroy – Another Words

consume, crush, damage, dismantle, end, eradicate, gut, impair, kill, maim, ravage, raze, ruin, sabotage, shatter, smash, wipe out, wreck, abort, annihilate, annul, axe, butcher, cream, deface, desolate, despoil, dispatch, erase, exterminate, extinguish, extirpate, level, liquidate, mar, maraud, mutilate, nuke, nullify, overturn, quash, quell, ravish, slay, suppress, torpedo, total, trash, vaporize, waste, wax, zap

Antonyms Of destroy – Opposite Words

aid, assist, bear, begin, build, construct, create, fix, give birth, help, lose, mend, repair, start, improve, keep, preserve, retain, save, validate

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