destiny in a sentence

Man can change his destiny by right thinking.

Man is the maker of his destiny.

What is the good of fuming and fretting for nothing when we cannot change our destiny.

The man who depends upon his own efforts makes his own destiny.

Do you believe in destiny?

The way parents speak to their children in many instances shapes their children’s destiny.

The destiny of mankind has been shaped by innumerable great epochs.

To work is the destiny of human beings and no one can lead a normal life without working.

A soldier  writes the destiny  of the country with his blood.

Death is the final destiny of every living being.

Destiny has changed my family’s life in a single stroke.

Destiny has its own ways.

Man in the nuclear age stands at a crucial crossroads in his destiny.

Do you believe in destiny?

How does destiny and happiness work?

Shape your destiny.

The action of today becomes the destiny of tomorrow.

I don’t know why destiny brought us together.

A caring and loving teacher is usually the person who guides the child to his destiny.

You can’t go against your destiny.

He was a strong believer of destiny.

One can make his destiny with hard labour.

Destiny influences human life.

Our character is our destiny.

Can we change our destiny by our efforts?

Everyone is the architect of his own destiny.

You have to shape your destiny and build your career.

Man makes his own destiny.

Character is destiny.

Our character is our destiny.

We can shape our destiny with our own efforts.

When destiny is adverse, one is embroiled.

Our character is our destiny.

Man cannot go against destiny.

You are the maker and master of your destiny.

He is a man of destiny.

The train was delayed by fog and so I reached my destiny very late.

Can we change our destiny by our efforts?

But destiny has something different in store for me.

Synonyms Of destiny – Another Words

circumstance, future, inevitability, intention, objective, prospect, Moirai, afterlife, break, breaks, certainty, conclusion, condition, constellation, cup, design, doom, expectation, finality, foreordination, fortune, happenstance, hereafter, horoscope, intent, karma, kismet, lot, luck, ordinance, portion, predestination, predetermination, serendipity

Antonyms Of destiny – Opposite Words

concept, continuity, misfortune, theory, whole, choice, free will, volition

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