destiny in a sentence


Man can change his destiny by right thinking.

Man is the maker of his destiny.

What is the good of fuming and fretting for nothing when we cannot change our destiny.

The man who depends upon his own efforts makes his own destiny.

Do you believe in destiny?

The way parents speak to their children in many instances shapes their children’s destiny.

The destiny of mankind has been shaped by innumerable great epochs.

To work is the destiny of human beings and no one can lead a normal life without working.

A soldier  writes the destiny  of the country with his blood.

Death is the final destiny of every living being.

Destiny has changed my family’s life in a single stroke.

Destiny has its own ways.

Man in the nuclear age stands at a crucial crossroads in his destiny.

Do you believe in destiny?

How does destiny and happiness work?

Shape your destiny.

The action of today becomes the destiny of tomorrow.

I don’t know why destiny brought us together.

A caring and loving teacher is usually the person who guides the child to his destiny.

You can’t go against your destiny.

He was a strong believer of destiny.

One can make his destiny with hard labour.

Destiny influences human life.

Our character is our destiny.

Can we change our destiny by our efforts?

Everyone is the architect of his own destiny.

You have to shape your destiny and build your career.

Man makes his own destiny.

Character is destiny.

Our character is our destiny.

We can shape our destiny with our own efforts.

When destiny is adverse, one is embroiled.

Our character is our destiny.

Man cannot go against destiny.

You are the maker and master of your destiny.

He is a man of destiny.

The train was delayed by fog and so I reached my destiny very late.

Can we change our destiny by our efforts?

But destiny has something different in store for me.

Despite facing many challenges, he remained optimistic, believing that his destiny was in his own hands.

The ancient prophecy foretold the hero’s destiny to save the kingdom from darkness.

The ancient artifact was said to possess the power to alter one’s destiny, granting them unimaginable abilities.

He firmly believed that hard work and determination could shape one’s destiny, not solely relying on luck or chance.

She saw her success in the company as a testament to her destiny and perseverance.

The story revolved around a love that transcended time, bound by destiny’s unbreakable thread.

Despite all odds, he pursued his dreams, convinced that destiny was on his side.

The unexpected encounter felt like a twist of destiny, connecting two strangers with shared interests.

The old woman spoke of her life journey, sharing tales of joy and sorrow, as she believed it was her destiny to pass on wisdom.

The mystical amulet was said to reveal a person’s true destiny, guiding them on their life’s path.

The hero faced many trials and tribulations, proving their worthiness of fulfilling their destiny as the chosen one.

Despite the challenges, she pursued her dreams with unwavering determination, convinced that her destiny was to succeed.

She believed that the cosmic alignment of the stars influenced her destiny, guiding her actions and decisions.

He often pondered over the concept of free will versus destiny, wondering if life was entirely predetermined.

The ancient artifact was rumored to have the power to alter the course of destiny, granting its possessor great influence.

The ambitious entrepreneur felt a calling to create something great, convinced it was his destiny to make a significant impact.

The fortune teller’s cryptic words left him pondering over the twists and turns his destiny might take.

Despite facing adversity, the young artist remained determined to pursue her passion, believing it was her destiny to create.

The film depicted the protagonist’s journey to fulfill a prophecy, embracing his destiny as a legendary hero.

The old diary contained a record of her ancestor’s struggles and triumphs, leaving her with a sense of connection to her family’s destiny.

The wise elder shared stories of ancient legends, showcasing the power of destiny and its influence on history.

The unexpected opportunity presented itself, feeling like a sign of destiny guiding her towards a new path.

The ancient prophecy had been passed down through generations, detailing the destiny of a chosen few who would save the world.

The great hero’s tale was celebrated throughout the ages, as his bravery and determination fulfilled his destiny.

The mysterious letter held clues about the protagonist’s true identity and their destiny as the heir to a hidden kingdom.

The spiritual teacher spoke of aligning oneself with the universe’s energy to manifest their desired destiny.

The unexpected reunion with a childhood friend felt like a twist of destiny, rekindling a long-lost connection.

The young adventurer embarked on a perilous quest, knowing that their destiny lay beyond the horizon.

The old prophecy predicted that a chosen one would rise to lead the people to freedom, fulfilling their destiny as a liberator.

The ancient ruins held secrets of a lost civilization, and their discovery was deemed by some as the work of destiny.

The fateful decision to follow his intuition led him to an unexpected encounter that changed the course of his destiny.

The folklore of a mythical creature guarding a treasure intrigued many adventurers who believed it was their destiny to find it.

Despite the challenges, she faced adversity head-on, knowing that her strength and resilience would guide her toward her destiny.

The wise sage shared wisdom about the interconnectedness of all beings, emphasizing the role of destiny in their lives.

The unexplainable coincidences in their lives made them question if it was fate or destiny that brought them together.

The ancient artifact was believed to hold the key to unlocking one’s destiny, granting the bearer knowledge of their true purpose.

The persistent dream of an unknown place left her with a deep sense of longing, as if it held a clue to her true destiny.

The enigmatic prophecy was written in riddles, leaving many pondering the true meaning of their destiny.

The unexpected friendship between two unlikely individuals showed how destiny had a way of bringing people together.

The ancient castle was said to hold a magical portal that connected different realms, and some believed it was their destiny to find it.

The haunting melody played by a street musician resonated deeply with her soul, as if it were tied to her destiny.

The unexpected twist of fate led to a reunion with a long-lost family member, solidifying the belief in the power of destiny.

The epic tale of a hero’s journey showcased the transformative power of destiny, as the protagonist evolved into a leader.

The spiritual pilgrimage took them on a journey of self-discovery, aligning their lives with the higher purpose of destiny.

The threads of destiny wove together a tapestry of interconnected lives, each one contributing to the grand design of the universe.

The unexpected job offer in a foreign land felt like a sign from destiny, presenting her with an opportunity for new experiences.

The folklore of a mythical creature’s curse warned adventurers of the perils that awaited those who dared to challenge destiny.

The ancient prophecy became a guiding light for a group of companions, who embarked on a quest to fulfill their collective destiny.

Synonyms Of destiny – Another Words

circumstance, future, inevitability, intention, objective, prospect, Moirai, afterlife, break, breaks, certainty, conclusion, condition, constellation, cup, design, doom, expectation, finality, foreordination, fortune, happenstance, hereafter, horoscope, intent, karma, kismet, lot, luck, ordinance, portion, predestination, predetermination, serendipity

Antonyms Of destiny – Opposite Words

concept, continuity, misfortune, theory, whole, choice, free will, volition

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