desire in a sentence

Desire for friendship is inborn in man.

We desire and welcome rains during summer.

There is no end to the desire of human beings.

I earnestly desire to gain the first prize.

Desire for power is inherent in man.

I have no desire for name and fame.

Ambition is a strong desire to achieve one’s goal in life.

One should have a desire to be good and do well.

The desire to feel important is one of the greatest cravings in most human beings.

The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose.

I had a great desire to see the family heirlooms.

All of us desire to be happy and are looking for ways to be so.

Whenever man has a desire, he becomes anxious as to how he can get the object of his desire.

We all have a great desire for peace.

Desire is the key to motivation.

Endless desire leads to sorrow.

The desire to make a million overnight has made the lottery a flourishing business.

Come any day you desire.

Each day a new desire rises in the mind.

I have no desire for fame.

How do you desire to be treated ?

I earnestly desire to get the top position.

My desire is to see you again.

I have a desire to join the army.

I can accompany you if you so desire.

I desire to study law.

This is in response to my father’s desire.

His desire to join your club is feeble.

This desire of mine has no religious significance.

He could not suppress the desire of his heart.

I shall try to help her since you desire it.

We desire to succeed, therefore we work.

What do you desire me to do?

He hasan insatiable desire to learn.

I have no desire to marry you.

All desire wealth and some acquire it.

Since you desire it, I will look into the matter.

My desire is to help her.

It was his keen desire to marry her.

Most of us have the desire to see new places.

This desire for more and more money has made us corrupt.

Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something.

He expressed a strong desire for a glass of water.

I have a keen desire to get college education.

He has a great desire to be a doctor.

He expressed a strong desire for a glass of water.

He does not desire for a change.

My desire is to see you again.

I have a desire to join the army.

I desire to earn my own living.

Many men desire to make money quickly.

We have no desire to adopt harsh measures

I have no desire for wealth

I shall try to help her since you desire it.

I earnestly desire to get first division.

It was his keen desire to marry her.

he had a keen desire to receive education.

He had a desire to construct there a grand house.

She had an unnatural desire for money.

I don’t have much desire for wealth.

My wife is possessed with the desire to buy a house.

Both young and old people desire slim figures.

You must not yield to your desire to drink.

The desire to fly in the sky like a bird inspired the invention of the airplane.

He couldn’t overcome the desire for another cigarette.

His desire for promotion blinded him to other’s feelings.

All this filled me with a great desire to see it.

Basically, man is fashionable because of his inherent desire to look good.

Man’s strong desire and willpower have led to the discovery of unknown lands.

We desire our youth to love our country.

He expressed a strong desire for a glass of water.

I have no desire for fame.

I shall fulfill her desire but only after being well settled in life.

The wounded soldier expressed an intense desire for a drop of water.

She had a strong desire to travel the world.

His burning desire for success motivated him to work hard.

The desire for freedom fueled the revolution.

She couldn’t resist the desire to eat another slice of cake.

The company’s products are designed to fulfill customer desires.

He followed his heart’s desire and pursued a career in art.

The desire to learn led her to enroll in various courses.

Their desire to help others drove them to volunteer at the shelter.

The desire for knowledge pushed him to read books constantly.

His desire for adventure led him to explore remote places.

The desire for justice was at the core of their activism.

She fought against her own desires to focus on her studies.

The desire to excel pushed him to push his limits.

The desire to make a difference inspired her to start a charity.

The artist’s desire to express herself was evident in her work.

His desire to prove himself motivated his every action.

The company’s success was a result of satisfying customer desires.

The desire for recognition drove her to achieve her goals.

The desire for love and companionship is universal.

His desire to help people led him to become a doctor.

The desire to be healthy motivated her to adopt a better lifestyle.

The characters in the novel grappled with their conflicting desires.

The desire to overcome challenges fueled their determination.

She had a deep desire to make a positive impact on society.

The allure of fame and fortune was a powerful desire.

Their shared desire to succeed brought them together as a team.

The desire for change drove the community to organize protests.

The desire to innovate propelled the company forward.

The desire for revenge consumed his thoughts.

Her strong desire for fairness made her a natural advocate.

The company strives to fulfill customer desires through innovation.

The desire to explore new horizons led him to take risks.

The desire to belong motivated her to join various clubs.

The conflicting desires within him created inner turmoil.

The desire for inner peace led her to practice meditation.

The desire to create art was deeply ingrained in him.

The desire for stability pushed him to find a secure job.

She suppressed her desires to prioritize her family’s needs.

The desire to be understood drove him to improve his communication skills.

The desire to protect the environment inspired her to start recycling.

The desire for a better future fueled their hard work.

His unquenchable desire to learn led him to pursue multiple degrees.

The desire to explore new cultures drove her to study abroad.

The desire for acceptance influenced her choice of friends.

The desire to express herself led her to write a novel.

His desire for adventure prompted him to go on a solo journey.

The desire to succeed in business led him to create a startup.

The desire for personal growth motivated her to attend workshops.

The intense desire for revenge clouded his judgment.

The desire to prove her critics wrong motivated her to excel.

Synonyms Of desire – Another Words

ambition, appetite, aspiration, craving, devotion, eagerness, fascination, greed, hunger, inclination, love, lust, motive, need, passion, thirst, will, wish, yearning, admiration, ardor, attraction, avidity, concupiscence, covetousness, craze, cupidity, doting, fancy, fervor, fondness, frenzy, hankering, infatuation, itch, lasciviousness, lechery, libido, liking, mania, predilection, proclivity, propensity, rapaciousness, rapture, ravenousness, relish, salacity, solicitude, urge, voracity

Antonyms Of desire – Opposite Words

apathy, disgust, disinterest, dislike, distaste, hate, hatred, indifference, satisfaction, antipathy, coolness, disinclination, loathing, peacefulness

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