deserted in a sentence

A few minutes after the departure of the train, the platform presented a deserted look.

How sad the deserted city looks !

All his kith and kin deserted him in the time of need.

We found the old house deserted.

The place was deserted at night.

It looks deserted.

As the light falls, the place looks deserted.

He deserted his friend in need.

They look deserted.

He deserted me in difficulty.

As soon as the train pulled out of the station, it wore a deserted look.

Why have you deserted her ?

The roads are deserted.

Being deserted by his son, he died of a broken heart.

The sight of the deserted home was sad.

The sight of the deserted city was very sad.

The airport looked deserted.

She is a deserted woman.

Minutes before the debate my confidence deserted me.

He deserted his wife without any reason.

She deserted her husband and went away.

Her wife deserted him.

He deserted his wife when she needed him most.

I saw a deserted place.

Being deserted by his son, he died of a broken heart.

He deserted his wife.

It was raining heavily and as I dashed towards the deserted building.

He has deserted his party.

He deserted his brother.

The streets became almost deserted.

Witches are supposed to live in deserted places.

How sad was the sight of that deserted place!

He heartlessly deserted his wife.

His presence of mind deserted him.

He was deserted by his friends.

He deserted his wife and family.

The old, deserted house was rumored to be haunted, scaring away potential buyers.

The once bustling amusement park now stood deserted, with overgrown vegetation reclaiming the rides.

The deserted streets at night gave the city an eerie and unsettling atmosphere.

The deserted factory stood as a relic of the once-thriving industrial era.

The once popular restaurant now stood deserted, its doors closed for good.

The town was deserted as the residents fled in anticipation of the approaching hurricane.

The deserted train station was a haunting reminder of a bygone era of travel.

The explorer stumbled upon a deserted ancient ruin hidden deep in the jungle.

The park was deserted during the rainy weather, with only a few brave souls venturing out.

The deserted shopping mall, once a bustling hub of activity, now echoed with emptiness.

As the conflict intensified, many villages were left deserted as residents sought safety elsewhere.

The deserted ski resort remained closed during the summer months.

The last family in the neighborhood moved away, leaving the street deserted.

The tourist attraction was usually crowded, but due to the pandemic, it was now deserted.

The once lively carnival grounds were deserted after the event ended.

The deserted mining town had been abandoned for decades, with only ruins remaining.

The deserted playground was a stark contrast to its vibrant atmosphere during school hours.

The deserted parking lot offered an eerie setting for a late-night rendezvous.

The forest trail became deserted as the sun began to set, and hikers headed back to safety.

The deserted airport terminal echoed with emptiness as flight schedules were canceled due to the storm.

The abandoned shipwreck was a haunting sight on the deserted shoreline.

The deserted theater showcased a once-grand venue now in a state of disrepair.

The remote village became deserted during the winter months when harsh weather made access difficult.

The deserted alleyway was not a safe place to be after dark.

The deserted library had a sense of stillness and solitude that appealed to introverted book lovers.

The once-thriving industrial complex now sat deserted, a relic of the past.

The deserted mansion was said to be haunted, keeping most people away.

The tourist attractions were deserted during the off-season, offering a more tranquil experience.

The deserted gas station was the last stop for miles on the desolate highway.

The deserted chapel held a sense of mystery and intrigue, attracting curious visitors.

The deserted carnival grounds were a stark reminder of the excitement that once filled the area.

The small, deserted fishing village had a melancholy charm that appealed to artists seeking inspiration.

The deserted railway station was a reminder of a bygone era of train travel.

The abandoned farmstead was now a silent and deserted landscape of overgrown fields.

The deserted swimming pool was a lonely sight during the winter months.

The desolate and deserted landscape gave the photographer a unique subject for their artistic vision.

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