desert in a sentence

Selfish people desert their friends in difficult times.

Our human friends may desert us in misery, but books do not deceive us.

Good person never desert their friends.

The camel is the ship of the desert.

There is sand all around in a desert.

Insincere appreciation is like a mirage in the desert.

The camel is called the ship of the desert.

The biggest desert in the world is called the Sahara.

After dinner we were served a delicious desert.

If you look at a desert you see sand on the horizon.

Soldiers are not supposed to desert their Units anytime.

Please do not desert me, there is no one to help me.

We crossed the desert.

The Sahara is the biggest desert in the world.

How base of him to desert you in your time of need !

Even friends desert one in adversity.

Water is scarce in the desert.

A true friend is the one who does not desert in distress.

He travelled in the desert for six months.

Why is it risky to cross a desert ?

What is the work performed by camels in desert areas ?

They desert you as a shadow does in darkness.

The desert sand absorbed the rain water in no time.

How base of him to desert you in your time of need.

He is too brave to desert the field.

The desert of Rajasthan is spread far and wide.

The desert of Rajasthan is quite big.

It was extremely base of him to desert you in your time of need.

Camels can live in the desert without water for many days.

The desert spreads for hundreds of kilometers.

My fear was that he would desert us.

It was extremely base of her to desert her husband in the hour of need.

He foolishly spent all his money on a piece of desert land.

She wont desert you when you face any problem.

The Sahara is the largest desert in the world.

A vast desert lay before us.

Some day man will reclaim the desert for agriculture.

That desert looks like the surface of the moon.

It was full of desert plants of many different types.

No one should desert his friends.

Never desert your friends in diversity.

Such friends always desert at the time of difficulty.

A camel is to the desert what a ship is to the sea.

Animals sometime desert their young.

A thirsty traveler in a desert mistakes the sand shining under the sun for an oasis of water.

The camel caravan trekked across the vast desert, braving the blistering heat and sandstorms.

The mirage in the desert deceived weary travelers, appearing as an oasis in the distance.

The cactus plants thrived in the arid conditions of the desert, adapting to survive with minimal water.

The desert night sky was adorned with countless twinkling stars, unobscured by city lights.

The Bedouin nomads navigated the shifting sand dunes of the desert using their deep knowledge of the terrain.

The archaeological team uncovered ancient artifacts buried beneath the desert sands, shedding light on a long-lost civilization.

The desert sunset painted the sky in hues of fiery orange and deep purple, casting a mesmerizing glow over the landscape.

The desert wind whispered through the canyons, creating haunting melodies and carrying the scent of dry earth.

The sand dunes in the desert shifted and changed shape with each passing breeze, forming undulating patterns that seemed to dance.

The desert holds secrets of ancient civilizations, with remnants of forgotten cities and crumbling ruins waiting to be discovered.

The desert nights were filled with a breathtaking display of stars, creating a celestial masterpiece that inspired awe and wonder.

The heat of the desert was relentless, causing shimmering mirages and the need for constant hydration and protection from the sun.

The sandstorms in the desert can be fierce and dangerous, engulfing everything in their path and reducing visibility to near-zero.

The desert holds a mystical allure, with its serene beauty and a sense of vastness that makes one feel small in the grand scheme of nature.

Exploring the desert on a dune bashing adventure, riding over sandy peaks and valleys, provided an adrenaline rush like no other.

The desert’s unique rock formations, carved by years of erosion and weathering, created a stunning and otherworldly landscape.

The desert’s ever-changing colors, from soft pastels at dawn to fiery reds and purples at sunset, painted a captivating picture in the sky.

The desert’s vastness and emptiness allowed for moments of solitude and introspection, where one could truly disconnect from the outside world.

Desert nomads traversed the arid plains with their traditional caravans, carrying goods and stories from one oasis to another.

Desert plants, such as the prickly pear cactus and the resilient desert lavender, showcased their beauty and survival strategies in the harshest of conditions.

The desert’s stark and austere beauty inspired artists, writers, and poets to capture its essence in their works, finding inspiration in its raw simplicity.

The desert’s vast sand dunes provided an exhilarating playground for sandboarding enthusiasts, sliding down the slopes with excitement.

Desert storms brought rare moments of rainfall, transforming the arid landscape into a temporary oasis of blooming flowers and renewed life.

Desert tribes relied on their intimate knowledge of the land and its resources to sustain themselves, finding water and sustenance in unlikely places.

The desert’s unique rock formations and geological wonders, such as towering mesas and deep canyons, showcased the Earth’s geological history.

The desert’s eerie silence was occasionally broken by the haunting call of a desert owl or the distant howl of a coyote.

Desert sunsets painted the sky with a palette of vivid oranges, pinks, and purples, creating a breathtaking spectacle that filled the horizon.

Desert explorers discovered hidden oasis pockets, teeming with life, where palm trees and freshwater springs offered sanctuary in the midst of the barren landscape.

The desert’s extreme temperatures challenged the endurance of adventurers who sought to conquer its harsh terrain through hiking, biking, or off-roading.

Desert nights offered an opportunity for stargazing, with the absence of light pollution revealing a mesmerizing display of constellations and shooting stars.

The desert’s vastness and unspoiled nature allowed for rare encounters with elusive wildlife, such as the graceful Arabian oryx and the swift sand gazelle.

Synonyms Of desert – Another Words

betray, bolt, depart, escape, flee, forsake, give up, quit, vacate, abscond, apostatize, beach, chuck, decamp, duck, fly, go, jilt, leave, light, maroon, relinquish, renounce, resign, split, strand, tergiversate, walk

Antonyms Of desert – Opposite Words

come, continue, remain, stay, wait, care, face, hold, keep, maintain, stop

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