depends in a sentence

Success in life depends upon largely on good health.

He is like a beggar who depends on others.

Our thought depends a good deal upon what we read and what we talk about.

The prosperity of a country depends upon its citizens.

The greatness of a country depends on the quality of its citizens.

The future of the country depends upon their present.

Much depends on luck and chance.

Success in life depends upon largely on good health.

The size of employment in any country depends considerably on the level of development.

The subordinate clause depends on the main clause for its complete meaning.

Success in life depends on good health.

The whole life of a person depends upon his choice of profession.

Success in life depends largely on good health.

In this age of science, man depends, to a very large extent, upon machinery.

Man depends upon plants for their need of food.

The future of the any person or country depends on the education system strategy followed.

Almost all the paper industry depends upon trees

Success in every venture depends on perseverance and planning..

The worth of a thing depends upon its quality and not quantity.

Success in life depends upon largely on good health.

Your success depends upon how much work you put in.

He does not know his own mind and always depends upon the advice and suggestion of others.

He depends upon me.

This distinction depends upon their use.

It is a common plea of the coward that success depends mainly upon luck.

My success in future depends upon how you help me in this case.

Success in life depends largely on good health.

All depends on how you take it.

It depends on a number of things.

Glamour of a hairstyles depends on the shape of a face.

Success of any relationship depends on balancing expectations.

What you will be paid depends on the quality of your work.

It all depends upon how you do it.

The future and progress of an institution largel depends on him.

The future of a country depends on the quality of its students.

The existence of everything depends on a cause.

It depends on how you look at it

It depends upon circumstances

The success of the project depends on you.

Every country’s future depends upon good citizens.

It depends upon many other factors.

How much of fruits and vegetables a person needs really depends on his general health.

My happiness depends on you.

Your success in the examination depends on how hard you study.

Whether you will succeed or not depends upon your own exertions.

Prosperity depends on hard work.

His success depends on his efforts.

His answer depends on his mood.

The country’s foreign trade totally depends on this port.

Whether he will succeed or not depends on his efforts.

Our success in this work depends on your efforts.

Our life depends largely on oil imported from other countries.

Whether you succeed or not depends on your own efforts.

What kind of sports we play depends on the weather and the season.

It all depends how you handle it.

Our success depends on whether he helps us or not.

Price depends on costs and demand.

It depends on the weather.

How much we pay you depends on your skill.

Perfect hairstyle for women depends on the length of their hair and the occasion.

The government is continuously making efforts to develop this sector as the whole nation depends on it for food.

The entire population of the country depends upon farmers.

“When will you be back?” “It all depends on the weather.”

Whether a child will be good or evil in the future depends upon the Mother.

It all depends on the weather.

Whether we will go on the trip depends on the weather.

The performance of a team game depends upon the cooperation and the joint concerted effort of all the players.

The lifespan of a parrot depends on its species.

She depends on her husband for everything.

She still depends on her parents.

The ambition of any person’s life usually depends on their choice and interests.

Success in life depends largely on good health.

Indeed our existence itself depends on it now.

It depends on the main clause for its meaning.

All this depends on their breed and genes.

The harvest of produce depends largely on the quality of rain.

It rightly said that the future depends on the young generation.

It all depends on the user at the end.

A major part of the Indian population depends on agriculture.

It depends on the context.

That organization depends on voluntary contributions.

She still depends on her parents for her living expenses.

It depends on us how we can use it to our advantage.

It depends on their physical environment and the quality of food intake.

It depends on the thoughts and mindset of every particular person differently.

It depends on the thinking and mindset of an individual.

It depends on person-to-person and situation-to-situation.

All our ordinary life depends upon the sun.

It is hierarchical and depends on an individual’s perception.

On this one basic improvement depends the entire life of the rural folk.

The earth depends on water to function.

The future of a person depends upon the student’s life.

The severity of the Earthquake depends upon the magnitude and distance from the epicenter.

This depends entirely on the perceived value that is hidden behind the criticism.

It depends on the principal clause for its meaning.

It all depends on the way she treats money and prioritise her needs.

It all depends on the function or the work it does.

A man’s worth depends on what he is

My brother depends on me for money.

He depends upon me for help.

It basically depends upon their living conditions.

They are important for us because our existence depends on them.

As we are human beings our aspect of life depends on the environment around us.

Its usage depends on availability and affordability.

This all depends of the foods that we consume.

It depends on the weather.

Success in life depends largely on good health.

Everything depends upon your decision.

You can make something of your life it just depends on your drive.

Everything depends on her answer.

Everything depends on what you will do.

It all depends upon you.

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