dependent in a sentence

He is dependent on others for his needs.

At present, villages are greatly dependent on cities and towns for fulfilment of their varied requirements.

We are so much dependent on electricity that life seems to stop in its absence.

We have become too dependent on machines.

Everything in this world is dependent on and connected to other things.

Examination fills the examinees with fear because their future is fully dependent on them.

The farmer’s life is dependent to a great extent on weather conditions.

He is completely dependent on his parents for money.

She is dependent on them.

I am not dependent on any one.

I am not dependent on anybody for my livelihood.

The officer is dependent on his subordinates.

He has become totally dependent on machines.

It is little dependent on outside environment.

It is dependent on the Clause.

He is dependent on his parents, because he doesn’t have a job.

She’s dependent on them.

He is dependent on his wife.

She is dependent on her parents.

My career is dependent upon this plan.

Almost all villagers are dependent on agriculture.

I am not dependent on any one.

She is dependent on me for support.

Synonyms Of dependent – Another Words

defenseless, poor, reliant, vulnerable, inferior, minor, secondary, subordinate, abased, clinging, counting on, debased, humbled, immature, indigent, lesser, relying on, tied to apron strings, under

Antonyms Of dependent – Opposite Words

strong, first-class, first-rate, important, major, superior, free, independent, mature, unreliant