demand in a sentence

Their demand for a hike in wages is unreasonable and unjustified.

The demand for business magazines is increasing day after day.

Young girls should refuse to marry those who demand dowry.

There is a great demand for coal.

There is great demand for Sri Lanka tea all over the world.

In the industrially advanced world of today, the demand for energy is increasing every day.

Children today demand a logical explanation from parents for all their actions.

Advertisement creates demand.

These days, gilt jewellery is in a great demand.

Competition makes the prices go down so that the demand for goods increases.

There is a great demand for skilled people.

There is much demand for fuel as the number of vehicles is increasing day by day.

The demand for goods is going to decline.

He acquiesced to my demand in an unprecedented manner.

I made no further demand.

More demand and less production is the main cause of rising prices.

Young girls should refuse to marry those who demand dowry.

We have a great demand for garments.

There is much demand for doctors in our country.

The officer shall not concede to my demand.

This book is in great demand.

There is much demand for doctors in our country.

We have anticipated a heavy demand

We demand justice.

I demand an immediate answer.

I have a right to demand an answer.

Light meals do not demand too much from one’s digestive system.

They demand regularization of jobs.

Synonyms Of demand – Another Words

appeal, application, call, claim, insistence, interest, need, order, requirement, sale, trade, use, arrogation, bid, bidding, charge, clamor, command, counterclaim, entreaty, exaction, importunity, imposition, inquiry, interrogation, lien, necessity, occasion, petition, plea, prayer, pursuit, requisition, rush, search, solicitation, stipulation, suit, supplication, ultimatum, vogue, want

Antonyms Of demand – Opposite Words

answer, reply, retreat, grant, offer

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