Delighted-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : आनन्दित, प्रसन्न, मगन, मस्त, मुदित, हर्षित

Example Sentences :

Her expressions and movements delighted one and all.

We were delighted to hear of his success.

I was delighted with the news.

He was delighted at the story.

He was delighted to know I had passed the exam.

She was very delighted with my gift.

I am delighted to have met you today.

The very idea of being sent abroad delighted them.

I delighted in going to his farm during the summer vacation.

We are delighted at the news.

I am delighted at your success.

I am delighted to meet you.

We were delighted to hear of your success.

I am delighted to have you on board.

I’m delighted about the weather.

He is delighted at your success.

He was delighted to see you.

They were delighted at the good news.

We are delighted with her presence.

She was delighted with the flowers you sent her.

She was much delighted at my gift.

I was delighted at the sight of a light in the distance.

The extension of the summer vacation delighted the children.

The gift delighted the him very much.

The news delighted him.

We are delighted at having been invited.

I was delighted at the news of her success.

The news that he had succeeded delighted them.

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