delay in a sentence

I am sorry for delay in reply.

I will do this without further delay.

Go at once without any delay.

I regret the delay.

This delay causes a great deal of worry.

There should be no more delay in the matter.

I am sorry for delay in reply.

Please excuse me for delay.

Red tape in our office causes unnecessary delay and inefficiency in the daily work.

Please come without any delay.

You must return home without any delay.

The big factory, a few minutes’ delay means a loss of lakhs of rupees.

He was admitted to a hospital without delay.

What’s the cause of delay?

Don’t delay to put your idea into action.

Have you any explanation for the delay?

Don’t delay to buy it lest someone else should buy it.

I beg your forgiveness for the delay.

I shall see him without delay.

As a result of this delay, I have suffered much unnecessary botheration.

I should have spoken to you, for delay was dangerous.

Please send the articles without further delay.

This delay causes a great deal of worry.

Synonyms Of delay – Another Words

lag, moratorium, postponement, problem, setback, stoppage, suspension, wait, adjournment, bind, check, cunctation, dawdling, demurral, detention, discontinuation, downtime, filibuster, hindrance, holding, impediment, interval, jam, lingering, logjam, loitering, obstruction, procrastination, prorogation, remission, reprieve, retardation, showstopper, stall, stay, stop, surcease, tarrying, tie-up

Antonyms Of delay – Opposite Words

continuation, advance, aid, assistance, beginning, go, help, liberation, promotion, support

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