defeat in a sentence

Even if you were to try, you wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

We will not accept defeat.

We should play a game for game’s sake, not for victory or defeat.

He can accept defeat with a smiling face.

He was discouraged after his defeat.

His defeat has discouraged him.

He admitted his defeat.

They suffered a defeat.

He was brought down by his defeat.

Who can defeat you ?

We will not accept our defeat.

He is so brave that no one can defeat him.

Our team suffered a defeat.

He admitted his defeat.

It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in an argument.

It is only defeat that brings out the best in us.

We should take both our victory and defeat, with equal calm.

He is on the verge of defeat.

Shivaji gave Shaista Khan a crushing defeat.

He was discouraged after his defeats.

We should play a game for game’s sake, not for victory or defeat.

His object was to defeat his adversary.

The Second World War ended in the defeat of Hitler.

Synonyms Of Defeat – Another Words

Beating, Blow, Breakdown, Collapse, Debacle, Destruction, Drubbing, Embarrassment, Failure, Killing, Loss, Massacre, Rout, Setback, Thrashing, Triumph, Ambush, Annihilation, Break, Check, Conquest, Count, Discomfiture, Extermination, Fall, Lacing, Licking, Mastery, Paddling, Rebuff, Repulse, Reverse, Ruin, Scalping, Shellacking, Slaughter, Subjugation, Trap, Trashing, Trimming, Trouncing, Waxing, Whaling, Whipping, Whitewashing

Antonyms Of Defeat – Opposite Words

Accomplishment, Achievement, Boon, Success, Win, Surrender, Yielding, Attainment, Victory

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