deeply in a sentence

She Loves her husband deeply.

She was deeply disturbed when she was separated from her children.

Parents love their children very deeply.

I deeply condole with you in your bereavement.

He was deeply lost in his thoughts.

He is deeply indebted to his boss.

I care very deeply for you.

I am deeply influenced by Mahatma Gandhi.

She loved him deeply.

His death affected us very deeply.

He was deeply involved in love.

He was deeply grieved.

Deeply ingrained habits are not easily changed.

She was sobbing so deeply that she could not make any answer.

I deeply feel for you in your suffering.

He is deeply involved in debt.

As she was deeply hurt, tears coursed down her cheeks.

Synonyms Of Deeply – Another Words

Acutely, Genuinely, Intensely, Passionately, Profoundly, Sadly, Seriously, Severely, Surely, Thoroughly

Antonyms Of Deeply – Opposite Words

Lightly, Incompletely, Little, Slightly

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