deeds in a sentence

A person is judged by his noble deeds.

From their lives I get inspiration to do great deeds.

A man of noble deeds is remembered by the coming generations.

His deeds gave the life to his words.

He has done deeds of great heroism.

He was neither ashamed nor sorry for his deeds.

The noble and just deeds of a man are remembered even after their death.

One has to account for one’s bad deeds.

A man lives in his good deeds not in years.

Life should be full of noble deeds.

You should judge him by his deeds.

We are judged only by our deeds.

It inspires the people for doing noble deeds.

To make life purposeful, we should do some noble deeds also.

A long life with no noble deeds is worthless.

They have become household names because of their noble deeds.

To make life meaningful, we must do good deeds for the whole human race.

He is ashamed of his evil deeds.

We are accountable to God for our deeds.

Wise people utilize their time in noble deeds.

The good deeds that men do live after them.

He repented his deeds.

His ignoble deeds have made him notorious.
He is always aloof from evil deeds.

Who inspired us to do great deeds?

There are many who have immortalized themselves through their noble deeds.

Nobel deeds never die.

The festival of Diwali reminds us of the heroic deeds of Lord Rama.

Be consistent in Your thoughts, words and deeds.

Your thoughts are directly responsible for your deeds.

We should do noble deeds.

Evil deeds never go unpunished.

Evil deeds will always have a bad end result.

Good deeds are always rewarded.

Noble thoughts are of no use if they are not transformed into golden deeds.

We should do good deeds.

Heroic deeds deserve our admiration.

He did many good deeds in his life.

Handsome is he whose deeds are handsome.

The deeds of a person determine his character.

His deeds do not accord with his words.

She is honest in deeds and in words.

His words and deeds do not match.

Synonyms Of Deeds – Another Words

Accomplishment, Act, Action, Adventure, Fact, Feat, Reality, Truth, Ballgame, Bit, Byplay, Cause, Commission, Crusade, Do, Enterprise, Exploit, Game, Performance, Plan, Quest, Stunt, Thing, Winning

Antonyms Of Deeds – Opposite Words

Cessation, Failure, Idleness, Inaction, Inactivity, Inertia, Lie, Repose, Rest, Stoppage

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