dedication in a sentence

His dedication to work has earned him very good repute.

The reason behind my success is my dedication and proper planning.

Dedication makes our confidence grow and enables us to gain an edge over others.

Dedication and opportunity go hand in hand.

One needs dedication and commitment for any task to be completed.

Her dedication and perseverance finally bore fruit.

All admire him for his dedication to his work.

We should have dedication and passion in our work to step up the ladder of success.

This would involve a great amount of dedication and a passion for research.

Hard work and dedication will bring you success.

She proved that nothing is impossible if you have true dedication for your work.

I felt really overwhelmed with the energy the enthusiasm and the dedication with which these boys were working.

It requires dedication and hard work.

As a result of her hard work and dedication she reached such heights.

Friendship requires dedication and devotion.

If a person has true dedication then it can beat talent.

It certainly teaches the values of dedication and patience.

You should have a dedication towards utilizing it.

But he continues his routine with a sense of dedication and duty.

Things will improve if the employees do their duty with dedication in an organised manner.

Whatever we are is because of the dedication with which they brought us up.

I am sure you will be fully satisfied with my dedication and capacity for work.

None of them appears to be full of any dedication or sense of duty.

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