decorated in a sentence

He sat on a decorated mare.

The hall was tastefully decorated with beautiful artificial lights.

The bride and the bridegroom drove away in a decorated car.

The college hall was tastefully decorated.

The Pandal was tastefully decorated.

These tents were decorated with flags and big posters.

It was tastefully decorated.

The college building was tastefully decorated on the occasion.

The pandal is decorated with fancy lights.

On the day of Diwali the shops are decorated.

Your drawing room is excellently decorated.

He decorated his house.

Vases are decorated with freshly plucked flowers.

The walls are decorated with pictures and flowers.

The emperor was sitting on a decorated elephant with a howdah.

You have decorated the room very beautifully.

He had decorated the walls of his room with artistic collage pieces.

The school had been decorated before the inspector arrived.

My office is quite spacious and well decorated.

The ceiling of the room is beautifully decorated.

She decorated the flowers in the vase.

The stage was tastefully decorated.

The pandal is decorated with fancy lights.

The walls are decorated with pictures and flowers.

The college campus was decorated tastefully.

The stage was beautifully decorated.

We decorated the whole house.

The house was decorated with lights.

The school campus was decorated with tri-color flags.

The corner was decorated with buntings.

We decorated the Christmas tree with lights.

We ourselves decorated the room.

Synonyms Of Decorated – Another Words

Adorn, Bedeck, Brighten, Deck, Do Up, Dress Up, Festoon, Fix Up, Grace, Illuminate, Paint, Renovate, Spruce Up, Trim, Bedizen, Burnish, Color, Enhance, Enrich, Finish, Furbish, Garnish, Gild, Idealize, Ornament, Perfect, Prank

Antonyms Of Decorated – Opposite Words

Darken, Dull, Hurt, Ruin, Uglify, Decrease, Reduce