decision in a sentence

He changed his decision.

What made you change your decision?

Always keep the larger picture in mind when making a decision.

The choice of a profession is really a difficult decision to make because the future happiness of an individual depends upon the choice of a suitable profession.

It is time to take the right decision.

This is a fateful decision.

I am expressing my deep sense of anguish against this decision.

The decision of the Supreme Court is above all of the others.

One should not waver after taking a decision.

He arrived at a firm decision.

We should weigh both pros and cons before taking any final decision.

He is firm in his decision.

Please don’t take such grave decision in haste.

He took the decision in blind haste.

Who is responsible for this decision?

Take a decision after verifying all the facts

He is a good decision-maker and workaholic.

Nobody can change my decision.

He made a great decision.

He never came to a decision hastily.

Nothing can alter my decision.

My previous decision, I admit, was not helpful.

The committee has arrived at this decision in their own interest.

The Magistrate’s decision on that case was not in accordance with the evidence.

He wavered in his decision to go there.

Please tell me about the decision taken at the meeting.

I am wholly in agreement with your decision.

I cannot make any announcement because no decision has yet been made.

He could not bring himself to a final decision.

I have no regrets about my decision to stay.

You are not happy with this decision.

He made a great decision.

A favourable decision will oblige me.

They took no decision on this matter.

What decision does he take ?

He has to accept the decision of the referee.

They took no decision in this matter.

Now the final decision in this matter rests with you.

The decision was taken after a long consultation.

I cannot make any announcement because no decision has yet been made.

The decision of the referee is final.

Is he doubtful about his decision ?

I cannot make any announcement because no decision has yet been made.

This decision is crucial to their future.

The more I think about it, the more I’m certain that the decision was right.

s H fret, WIT This decision is unfair (to them).

My decision to leave the company is based on personal reasons.

He never came to a decision hastily.

The decision of the referee is final.

He made decision that was great.

The decision rests with you.

The final decision will be yours.

I hope you will let me know your decision in a few days.

I am giving this decision in my judicial capacity.

This will give you time to take the final decision after considering the pros and cons.

We will take a final decision .

We weigh all pros and cons when making a small decision in our life.

He regrets the decision he made

This decision had important results.

A decision had to be made.

They made a joint decision to divorce.

My decision to study abroad surprised my parents.

Their decision will bring about serious consequences.

The decision was in favor of the defendant.

I made a decision to study abroad.

We have to put off making a final decision until next week.

Your decision is open to some debate.

The decision was acceptable to us all.

You don’t need to make a decision now.

I applaud your decision to quit smoking.

Synonyms Of Decision – Another Words

Accord, Agreement, Arrangement, Choice, Compromise, Determination, Finding, Judgment, Opinion, Outcome, Resolution, Result, Ruling, Selection, Settlement, Verdict, Accommodation, Adjudication, Adjustment, Arbitration, Declaration, End, Prearrangement, Preference, Reconciliation, Sentence, Showdown, Understanding

Antonyms Of Decision – Opposite Words

Beginning, Cause, Disagreement, Dissension, Indecision, Refusal, Source, Deferment, Deferral, Delay, Indefiniteness, Indetermination