decided in a sentence

We have decided not to conduct bullock-cart races this year.

I decided to go there.

I have decided to become a teacher in my life.

The King decided to leave the palace and go into the forest for meditation.

I have decided to become a writer.

I have decided to become a doctor.

I decided to push myself out of depression and start living.

He decided to leave home to try and earn his bread elsewhere.

We decided not to pursue the topic further.

I was a little bored so I decided to take a walk.

Who decided this marriage for you?

I decided to let him do it.

I decided to give up my college education and search for a job.

I have decided to settle on part of my property on my eldest son.

I have decided to go in for a new car.

He decided to take after his brother.

We have decided to open a new branch next year.

I haven’t decided yet.

We decided where to do it.

He decided to do that.

He decided to renounce his home.

I have decided to proceed against him in a court of law.

We haven’t decided yet.

We have decided to buy a new car.

My parents decided to spend a week at Shimla.

He decided to resign.

The sun having set we decided to return home.

He decided to go to Europe the next week.

I have decided to help her.

The matter was decided over the lunch.

He has decided to renounce the world and become a Sanyasi.

My father has decided to gift me a bike on my birthday.

He decided to renounce his home.

Last Sunday we decided to go the canal for a picnic.

He decided to leave his country.

This is the reason why I decided to help him.

She had decided to teach him a lesson.

The Government has decided to open an industrial training institute in every town.

I decided to call on him at his residence.

I have decided to give up my present post and join business.

I decided to go on a picnic.

I have decided to stop smoking.

I have decided to go on a pilgrimage.

What was decided by them ?

Synonyms Of Decided – Another Words

Determined, Distinct, Pronounced, Resolved, Settled, Sure, Assured, Cinched, Clear, Clear-Cut, Clinched, Destined, Express, Fated, Nailed, Prearranged, Predetermined

Antonyms Of Decided – Opposite Words

Indistinct, Obscure, Vague, Wavering, Ambiguous, Fuzzy, Indefinite, Uncertain, Deferential, Delaying, Hesitant, Postponing, Procrastinating, Undecided