deceived in a Sentence

I am sorry to say that you have been deceived.

He is too clever to be deceived.

He deceived me into believing him.

I’m being deceived.

You deceived them.

They have deceived me.

He was too clever to be deceived.

We have been deceived.

I still trusted him though he had deceived me.

You have deceived me.

I have been deceived.

He has deceived me.

He was too clever to be deceived.

He cannot be deceived.

Who has deceived you?

I confided in him, but he deceived me.

Neither I or my brother has deceived you.

Whom will you have deceived?

The beggar deceived us by pretending he was blind.

My friend had deceived me.

He is the same person that deceived you.

Let her be not deceived.

I have not deceived you.

You deceived him.

I had not deceived you.

He is being deceived by his own friends.

He is too clever to be easily deceived.

He deceived me under the pretence of friendship.

Instead of helping us, he deceived us.

People get deceived by fake and imitation goods.

I always thought my business partner was honest, but he has deceived.

I am in a quandary as my friend has deceived me.

His mother still trusted him, though he had deceived her so often.

Has he deceived her ?

We are often deceived by appearances.

This is not the first time you have deceived me.

He had deceived his friends.

His mother still trusted him, though he had deceived her so often.

I was angry that she had deceived my children.

Don’t be deceived by appearances.

He deceived me.

The man who I thought was my friend deceived me.

I was deceived by a person who I had thought was a friend of mine.

His appearance deceived me.

He has entirely deceived us.

He was easily deceived and gave her some money.

He deceived her.

He was deceived by her innocent appearance.

She felt deceived by her friend’s false promises, as they never followed through with their commitments.

The con artist deceived the elderly couple into giving away their life savings.

The magician’s illusionist tricks deceived the audience, leaving them amazed and bewildered.

The company’s misleading advertisements deceived consumers into buying a product that didn’t live up to its claims.

She felt deceived by her partner’s lies and realized she couldn’t trust them anymore.

The counterfeit bills were so convincing that they deceived even experienced bank tellers.

He was deceived by the online scam and lost a significant amount of money.

The spy skillfully deceived the enemy, gaining access to valuable information without being detected.

The clever disguise deceived her enemies, allowing her to pass through undetected.

The politician’s promises turned out to be empty words, leaving voters feeling deceived.

The company’s false advertising deceived customers into purchasing a product that didn’t deliver as promised.

Despite being cautious, she was deceived by the cleverly crafted phishing email, compromising her personal information.

The salesperson’s smooth talk deceived the customer into buying a product they didn’t need.

He felt deceived by his colleague’s friendly facade, only to discover they were spreading rumors about him behind his back.

The manipulative friend deceived her into believing she was the only one to blame for their falling out.

The master thief deceived the security system and stole valuable artifacts from the museum.

The fortune teller deceived vulnerable individuals by making false predictions to exploit their emotions.

The used car salesman deceived the buyer by concealing the vehicle’s mechanical issues.

The witness’s false testimony deceived the court and led to an innocent person being wrongly convicted.

The cunning spy deceived the enemy by infiltrating their ranks and sabotaging their operations.

The cunning politician deceived the public with empty promises, using rhetoric to gain support without delivering on their commitments.

The conman deceived his victims with elaborate stories and false identities to gain their trust and steal from them.

The illusionist’s tricks were so convincing that they deceived the audience into believing they witnessed real magic.

The scammer deceived innocent people by posing as a charitable organization and soliciting donations for a fake cause.

The fraudster deceived investors by presenting false financial reports and inflating the company’s profits.

The cunning thief deceived the security guards by disguising themselves as a janitor to gain access to the valuable artifacts.

The deceptive marketing tactics used by the company deceived customers into believing their product had miraculous health benefits.

The illusionist’s performance was so skillful that it deceived the audience into believing they witnessed real magic.

The imposter deceived the royal court by posing as a long-lost heir to the throne.

The conman deceived his victims by using forged documents to make his fraudulent scheme appear legitimate.

The double agent deceived both intelligence agencies, leading to a series of confidential information leaks.

The art forger deceived experts and collectors by creating convincing replicas of famous paintings.

The magician’s illusions were so convincing that they deceived even the most skeptical audience members.

Synonyms Of Deceived – Another Words

Baited, Bamboozled, Betrayed, Conned, Culled, Duped, Fooled, Gulled, Had, Hoaxed, Hoodwinked, Lured, Played, Snared, Taken, Trapped, Victimized

Antonyms Of Deceived – Opposite Words

Informed, Trusted

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