Deceive in a Sentence

I do not deceive my friends.

Never deceive anyone.

Will he deceive you ?

You did not deceive us.

I feel confident that he will not deceive us.

Never deceive a friend.

To deceive your best friend is disgraceful.

He might deceive his friend.

He uses every trick to deceive.

Why did he deceive you ?

They wanted to deceive us.

None can deceive him.

You cannot deceive me.

However you try, you cannot deceive me.

He was foiled in his attempt to deceive us.

He might deceive his friend.

You will not deceive him at any cost.

It never occurred to me that you would deceive me.

Will he deceive you ?

Don’t you deceive yourself ?

We often deceive ourselves.

He concocted a false story to deceive her.

He cooked up a story to deceive me.

Do not deceive her.

A sincere person does not deceive anybody.

You must not deceive anybody.

You cannot deceive me.

They try to deceive others.

He has made a subtle plan to deceive and cheat the people.

Why have you come to deceive him?

You can’t deceive me.

He does not  deceive anybody.

Never deceive a friend

He was foiled in his attempt to deceive us.

Why did he deceive you ?

He might deceive his friend.

Why did he deceive you?

Don’t deceive yourself.

He didn’t deceive me.

It never occured to me that my own friend would deceive me.

We often deceive ourselves.

He wittingly gave wrong information to deceive the enemy.

He did it on purpose to deceive me.

It is no use trying to deceive me.

It’s wrong to deceive people

Don’t deceive him.

Don’t deceive me.

I never meant to deceive you.

He tried to deceive his friend by pretending to be sick, but she saw through his act and knew he was faking it.

The magician’s sleight of hand was so skillful that he managed to deceive the entire audience into believing the coin had vanished.

The scammer used a clever scheme to deceive innocent people into giving away their personal information.

Trust is fragile, and once someone deceives you, it can be challenging to rebuild that trust.

The politician was caught deceiving the public about his involvement in the controversial project.

She felt betrayed when she discovered her partner had been deceiving her all along about his past.

The company was fined heavily for deliberately deceiving customers with false advertising claims.

Despite the warnings, some people still fall victim to online scams that deceive them into revealing sensitive financial information.

The undercover agent had to deceive the criminal organization to gather vital information and bring them to justice.

He had a reputation for being a master manipulator, always finding ways to deceive others to achieve his own goals.

The spy’s mission was to deceive the enemy by feeding them false information about the upcoming military operation.

It was hard to believe how someone could deceive their own family for years, maintaining a double life.

The con artist had a talent for deceiving people with his charming personality and convincing lies.

The illusionist’s incredible performance deceived even the most skeptical members of the audience.

She felt guilty about trying to deceive her parents, knowing that honesty was the best policy.

The email looked legitimate, but it was designed to deceive recipients into clicking on a malicious link.

The counterfeit products were so well-made that they could deceive even experienced buyers.

The defendant’s attempts to deceive the jury were unsuccessful, and he was found guilty of the crime.

She used clever disguises to deceive her pursuers and escape from the dangerous situation.

The tabloid’s sensational headlines often deceive readers with exaggerated or false stories.

Synonyms Of Deceive – Another Words

Betray, Cheat, Circumvent, Defraud, Delude, Disappoint, Dupe, Entrap, Falsify, Fool, Hoodwink, Swindle, Trick, Victimize, Bamboozle, Beat, Beguile, Bilk, Buffalo, Burn, Clip, Con, Cozen, Ensnare, Fake, Fleece, Gouge, Gull, Hoax, Hook, Humbug, Outwit, Rob, Scam, Screw, Sell, Skin

Antonyms Of Deceive – Opposite Words

Aid, Assist, Help, Protect, Support, Be Honest, Give, Let Go, Offer, Release

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