dead in a sentence

The Hindus burn their dead.

He shot him dead.

He is dead to all sense of shame.

I was dead tired.

He’s been dead for ages.

A man whose wife is dead is called windower.

A child whose parents are dead is called an orphan.

Do not lament for the dead.

The truck driver was dead drunk.

All my relatives are dead.

He was stone dead after falling from the tenth floor.

The dead body was taken to the graveyard for burial.

He was found nearly dead.

He was found dead in his bed in the morning.

We were dead tired.

Don’t die before you are dead.

The dead body was wrapped in a white sheet of cloth.

She believes that she often sees the phantasm of her dead husband.

He beat him half dead.

She was dead to the world.

It is of no avail to lament the dead past.

Do not mourn for the dead.

The dead bodies have been kept in the local hospital for identification.

Don’t grieve much for the dead.

Now that he is dead, we shouldn’t criticise him.

I am dead tired.

I am dead sure of my success.

It is a custom in this country to cremate the dead.

His mother is dead.

He was dead tired and thought of taking rest under a shady tree.

Who lay dead ?

As he was dead tired, he decided to take rest for some time.

An Orphan is one whose parents are dead.

For the last fifteen days my phone is lying dead.

I saw a dead man’s body.

The driver slowed down the train as he saw a dead buffalo on the track.

The antioxidant properties of aloe vera soften dead skin cells and remove them.

Synonyms Of Dead – Another Words

Asleep, Buried, Deceased, Late, Lifeless, Cold, Departed, Stiff, Bereft Of Life, Bloodless, Bought The Farm, Breathless, Cadaverous, Checked Out, Cut Off, Defunct, Done For, Erased, Expired, Extinct, Gone, Gone To Meet Maker, Gone To Reward, Inanimate, Inert, Liquidated, Mortified, No More, Not Existing, Offed, Out Of One’S Misery

Antonyms Of Dead – Opposite Words

Alive, Lively, Living, Active, Animate, Animated, Being, Continuing, Enduring, Existent, Existing, Incomplete, Interested, Live, Operative, Responsive, Spirited, Subsisting, Unfinished, Warm

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