dark in a sentence

He kept me in the dark.

He was thrown into a dark dungeon to await his execution.

Her husband is dark, but she has got a fair complexion.

Nothing is visible in the dark.

Dark clouds move here and there in the sky. It may rain today.

She is afraid to go out alone in the dark.

Streets would have been dark and gloomy without electricity.

A cockroach mostly lives in dark, dirty, dingy places which are most damp as in the kitchen and in drains.

Don’t go out in the dark.

I am afraid of walking alone in a dark street.

When night falls or it becomes dark, we switch on the lights.

Citrus juices and dark green vegetables are particularly good sources of folic acid.

Some people dye their grey hair to make them dark black.

He is dark, fat and as short as a pygmy.

A lot of kids have a fear of the dark.

You have dark circles under your eyes.

Life would have been dismal and dark if there had been no variety in it.

Synonyms Of Dark – Another Words

Black, Cloudy, Darkened, Dim, Dingy, Drab, Dull, Foggy, Gloomy, Misty, Murky, Overcast, Shadowy, Somber, Dun, Dusk, Faint

Antonyms Of Dark – Opposite Words

Bright, Cheerful, Clean, Clear, Distinct, Good, Happy, Intelligent, Joyful, Light, Luminous, Smart, Sparkling, Sunny, Vivacious, Apparent, Brilliant, Encouraging, Evident, Hopeful, Illuminated, Lucid, Manifest, Moral