dark in a sentence


He kept me in the dark.

He was thrown into a dark dungeon to await his execution.

Her husband is dark, but she has got a fair complexion.

Nothing is visible in the dark.

Dark clouds move here and there in the sky. It may rain today.

She is afraid to go out alone in the dark.

Streets would have been dark and gloomy without electricity.

A cockroach mostly lives in dark, dirty, dingy places which are most damp as in the kitchen and in drains.

Don’t go out in the dark.

I am afraid of walking alone in a dark street.

When night falls or it becomes dark, we switch on the lights.

Citrus juices and dark green vegetables are particularly good sources of folic acid.

Some people dye their grey hair to make them dark black.

He is dark, fat and as short as a pygmy.

A lot of kids have a fear of the dark.

You have dark circles under your eyes.

Life would have been dismal and dark if there had been no variety in it.

The abandoned mansion stood tall against the dark and stormy night, casting a haunting shadow over the neighborhood.

The protagonist’s past was shrouded in dark secrets, slowly unraveling as the story progressed.

As the night descended, the city’s streets became a haven for dark and sinister characters.

The prison cell was damp, cold, and filled with a palpable sense of dark despair.

The sinister figure lurking in the shadows sent a shiver down Jane’s spine, as she sensed impending danger.

The protagonist’s mind was consumed by dark thoughts, grappling with inner demons and haunting memories.

The crime scene was filled with dark evidence that hinted at a gruesome and heinous act.

The author’s novel explored the dark underbelly of society, exposing corruption and moral decay.

The abandoned asylum was rumored to be haunted, making it a destination for those seeking a dark and chilling thrill.

The dark alleyway was an unsafe shortcut, where muggings and criminal activities often took place.

The protagonist’s descent into madness was a gripping portrayal of the human psyche’s dark side.

The dark history of the ancient castle was brought to light through a series of unsettling revelations.

The movie’s unsettling soundtrack added to its dark atmosphere, intensifying the suspense and fear.

The apocalyptic landscape painted a bleak and dark future for humanity, highlighting the consequences of its actions.

The haunting melody of the music box filled the room with a sense of dark nostalgia, reminding the listener of past sorrows.

The abandoned amusement park, once a lively place of joy, now stood in a state of dark decay, reflecting the passage of time.

The disturbing painting depicted a scene of torture and suffering, capturing the artist’s expression of the world’s dark underbelly.

In the heart of the haunted forest, eerie whispers echoed, sending chills down anyone who dared to venture into its dark depths.

The protagonist’s dreams were plagued by dark and ominous visions, leaving them restless and fearful of the night.

The abandoned shipwreck, resting on the ocean floor, held dark secrets of its ill-fated voyage and the lives lost at sea.

The dark storm clouds amassed overhead, foretelling an impending tempest that would wreak havoc on the land below.

The asylum’s hallways were filled with echoes of past suffering, as if the building retained the memories of its dark history.

In the dystopian society, citizens lived under the oppressive rule of a dark and tyrannical government.

The protagonist found themselves trapped in a never-ending maze of dark corridors, desperately seeking an escape route.

The ominous prophecy spoke of a looming darkness that threatened to engulf the world in chaos and despair.

The hidden cave held a dark secret, known only to a few, who guarded its knowledge with great trepidation.

The eerie silence of the ghost town was broken only by the haunting howls of the wind, as if nature itself mourned its dark past.

The protagonist’s obsession with revenge consumed them, leading them down a path of dark and destructive choices.

The crime scene was a haunting reminder of the dark cruelty that existed within humanity, leaving the investigators deeply disturbed.

As the night deepened, the forest became a labyrinth of shadows and unknown dangers, concealing the dark creatures that roamed within.

The psychological thriller delved into the protagonist’s troubled psyche, exposing the dark secrets that haunted their every waking moment.

The protagonist’s nightmares were filled with dark and twisted visions, causing them to question the boundaries of reality and illusion.

The novel’s eerie atmosphere was punctuated by the mysterious disappearance of characters, leaving a trail of dark questions in their wake.

Synonyms Of Dark – Another Words

Black, Cloudy, Darkened, Dim, Dingy, Drab, Dull, Foggy, Gloomy, Misty, Murky, Overcast, Shadowy, Somber, Dun, Dusk, Faint

Antonyms Of Dark – Opposite Words

Bright, Cheerful, Clean, Clear, Distinct, Good, Happy, Intelligent, Joyful, Light, Luminous, Smart, Sparkling, Sunny, Vivacious, Apparent, Brilliant, Encouraging, Evident, Hopeful, Illuminated, Lucid, Manifest, Moral

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