daring in a sentence

Definition – Daring



  1. brave
  2. impudent
  3. bold
  4. fearless

Example Sentences


  1. Success only touches the feet of those who are daring and are willing to take risks in life.
  2. Everybody praised me for my daring act.
  3. She tries to teach her children to be daring and to think outside the box.
  4. The greatest heights in life are attained by those who have the daring to get these.
  5. He is a very daring man.
  6. People who are daring are persistent in what they do.
  7. A Kidnapped boy has made a daring escape.
  8. Faith makes me perform daring feats.
  9. He is daring enough to accept the challenge.
  10. He left the audience awestruck with his daring skills.
  11. The audience was awestruck with their daring skills.
  12. There is no dearth of daring people in this world.
  13. He is a very daring soldier.
  14. He performed daring and breathtaking stunts.
  15. They left the audience awestruck with their daring skills.
  16. The spectators were captivated by daring stunts performed by a team of motorcyclists.
  17. He is daring, but not prudent.
  18. His daring attitude always helps him pull through nicely.
  19. He can take a daring decision on the spun of the moment.
  20. Last week I witnessed a daring bank robbery.
  21. The man’s act was very daring.
  22. It was not possible to repeat such a daring show.
  23. They accomplish daring acts beyond their normal powers.
  24. He is a daring hunter.
  25. It was daring idea.
  26. Last week I witnessed a daring bank robbery.
  27. His performance in the theatres of war have been heroic and daring.
  28. A daring case of theft took place in broad day light yesterday.
  29. He made a daring escape and became a hero overnight.
  30. It was a daring idea.
  31. Last week I witnessed a daring bank robbery.
  32. It was a daring robbery.
  33. This was a most daring robbery.
  34. Everybody praised me for my daring act.
  35. He says daring things.
  36. You’re a daring man!
  37. It was a daring adventure.


Synonyms Of Daring – Another Words



  • I am bold enough to say.
  • She was a bold girl.
  • He has to take bold decisions for his country.


  • He was a brave soldier.
  • She was a brave girl.
  • Are you brave enough to ask him to repeat everything?
  • His brave action is worthy of a medal.
  • He was a brave warrior who had spent most of his life fighting his enemies.
  • The brave captain saved his ship.


  • She is very cheeky in her talk.


  • Because he does no wrong, he is fearless and always holds his head high.
  • He is a faithful friend and a fearless warrior.
  • She was courageous, fearless and bold like her father.
  • He was a fearless leader.
  • The Gita tells us to be fearless under all circumstances.


  • It was a foolhardy thing to do.


  • March forward and face the foe bravely.
  • We are all looking forward to seeing you.
  • I am looking forward to hearing from him.
  • Aren’t you looking forward to your next chance to speak?
  • I’m looking forward to your coming to Japan.
  • The manager put forward a new proposal.
  • We are looking forward to our uncle’s visit.
  • I am looking forward very much to the school excursion.


  • I’d like to play a game of golf.
  • I’d like to play a game of squash.
  • It’s a whole new ball game for me.
  • The soccer game attracted a large crowd.
  • The game will be called off if it rains tomorrow.
  • He may be watching this game at the stadium.


  • It was a gritty performance from you.


  • I put down that impudent fellow.
  • He remarked how impudent the boy was.
  • It is impudent of you to jest at him.
  • It is impudent of him to say so.
  • We mustn’t give way to these impudent demands.


  • He is very impulsive.

Out on a limb

  • I’m not going out on a limb for you because you never helped me before.


  • Accidents are almost an everyday occurrence caused due to the rash driving.
  • He was booked for rash driving.


  • Of late, reckless driving has become a great nuisance.
  • There should be a ban on reckless cutting of trees.
  • You went about distributing alm in that reckless way.
  • This very fact encourages reckless driving.
  • During the last few years, there has been a reckless cutting of trees all over the world.
  • He courted disaster by reckless driving.
  • He gets a kick out of reckless driving.
  • She is always critical of reckless drivers.


  • This soup is too salty to eat.
  • The soup is too salty for me.
  • He is addicted to salty foods.


  • No student in our class is as smart as he.
  • They develop smart school system app.
  • He is no less smart than his brother.
  • He’s too smart to do something that stupid.


  • He made valiant efforts to liberate the country from foreign rule.
  • In spite of their most valiant fight, they were defeated.
  • The valiant never taste of death but once.
  • Our valiant army will fight to the finish.
  • Every dog is valiant at his own door.



Fire eating

Go for broke


Hot shot







Antonyms Of Daring – Opposite Words



  • The child is afraid from you.
  • I’m afraid I’ve offended you.
  • You aren’t afraid of ghosts
  • He told me that he wasn’t afraid of ghosts.
  • He was afraid of getting in trouble.
  • He is not afraid of dying.
  • I am not in the least afraid of dogs.
  • I’m afraid we’ll lose the game.
  • We were afraid that we might be hit by a bullet
  • Don’t be afraid of public speaking.
  • He was afraid of her temper.


  • This problem merits careful attention.
  • Be careful not to burn the shirt with the iron.
  • Be careful about your wealth.
  • People having arthritis should be careful while travelling.
  • Please be careful not to forget to lock the door when you go out.
  • You cannot be too careful when you drive a car.
  • He says he’ll be more careful from now on.
  • She makes careful choices when she buys clothes.
  • You cannot be too careful of traffic when you cross the road.
  • You must be careful in crossing the street.


  • The use of cautious and polite words creates friends for us.
  • I was very cautious about it.
  • He made a formal recommendation.
  • A mother should be very cautious about her habits during her pregnancy as anything that she does has a direct effect on the unborn baby.
  • They have been advised to be extra cautious during rainy days.
  • You have to be cautious and avoid taking a leap into the dark.
  • Women are supposed to be very cautious about what they eat.
  • He was cautious about overeating.
  • She is cautious of giving offense to others.


  • He is bashful and doesn’t talk much.


  • They are normally chicken hearted.
  • Every state in India has its own chicken curry recipes.
  • Spinach chicken curry is a simple dish that is loaded with proteins.
  • He drinks chicken soup and eats vegetables.
  • They eat chicken and salad for dinner.
  • He ate the chicken with his fingers.
  • We had some chicken soup.


  • That was a cowardly act.
  • This is a cowardly action.
  • He is a cowardly man.
  • He is a cowardly fellow.
  • He ran away in a cowardly manner.
  • A cowardly teacher never succeeds in making his boys valiant.
  • He acted in a cowardly manner.
  • He is a cowardly boy, whom we all despise.
  • He was so cowardly that he could not face the foe.
  • How cowardly he was in war !
  • He acted in a cowardly manner.


  • It was only last month that I happened to see a fearful train accident.
  • He had feeling of having stepped into fearful maze.
  • He has entered a fearful maze.
  • He walked quickly.
  • our fearful trip is done.
  • He was so fearful that he was not ready to come to college today.
  • I had a fearful dream last night.
  • I am taking a fearful leap in the dark.
  • Heart attack is one of the most fearful medical problems as it comes with severe symptoms and dreadful repercussions.
  • What a fearful waste of money!


  • She may seem pretty meek on first glance


  • Which animal has a bushy tail ?
  • The squirrel has a bushy tail.
  • He was shy about seeing her.
  • He is shy of strangers.
  • He is too shy to bare his heart to her.
  • He is shy of telling the truth.
  • She felt shy in his presence.
  • The shy girl kept her idea to herself.
  • The shy boy blushed at her compliment.
  • Don’t be shy in the company of others.
  • He is too shy to talk to girls.
  • I was too shy to look her in the face.


  • She was too timid to go alone.
  • He is timid at the same time.
  • A mouse is a timid creature.
  • The timid man trembled with fear.
  • He is as timid as a mouse.


  • I was unwilling to agree to the proposal.
  • He seems to be unwilling to accept defeat.
  • He is unwilling to help her with her homework.
  • It’s difficult to teach people what they’re unwilling to learn.
  • He was unwilling to go.
  • She was unwilling to tell her name.
  • The district attorney is unwilling to proceed due to insufficient evidence.
  • Some were unwilling to fight.
  • I am unwilling to study now.


  • Read this article to know how to cure weak eyesight fast.
  • She was still weak after her illness.
  • He was weak from the loss of blood.
  • Physics is my weak subject.
  • You won’t find my weak point.
  • He is too weak to work.
  • If your mind is weak all easy things will become difficult.
  • Every man has his weak points.
  • Mathematics is her weak point.



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