dangerous in a sentence

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

The cobra is really a dangerous snake, but without teeth and poison bag, he can do no harm to anyone.

Drinking is really dangerous kind of pleasure.

Pariah dogs can be dangerous. Beware of them.

Inferiority complex can be dangerous for a growing individual.

Numerous drugs and vaccines have cured people from dangerous life-taking diseases.

It is dangerous to overtake on a bend.

Inferiority complex can be dangerous for a growing individual.

Science has enabled man to diagnose and treat many dangerous diseases.

If someone is taking a selfie in a dangerous situation like on a mountain or in the middle of the road it can lead to fatal accidents.

Bad company is always dangerous.

Mountain climbing is a dangerous sport which is filled with romance and adventure.

Dangerous sports often appeal to young men.

It is probably a very dangerous place to play.

I never mingle with dangerous people.

Greed is dangerous.

Vanity is dangerous.

It is dangerous to listen to others and turn against our friends.

A company of a fool is always dangerous.

A blind imitation is dangerous.

Insufficient knowledge is dangerous if one applies to one’s life or guides others with it.

The icy highways are dangerous.

A gas leak is very dangerous.

Drinking is dangerous.

It is extremely dangerous.

That dog is too dangerous to be left loose.

It is dangerous to play with fire.

A little learning a dangerous thing.

This bridge is very dangerous.

That horse is too dangerous to be let loose.

It can be dangerous to proceed.

That method is dangerous.

The route he has followed is dangerous.

Please don’t do anything dangerous.

There was a dangerous glint in her eyes.

To drive fast can be dangerous.

This cold wind is very dangerous for the child.

Cancer is a dangerous disease.

It is dangerous to live here ?

Laxity in national security can prove dangerous.

I was awed by the dangerous situation.

It is dangerous to stay here.

I like him though he is dangerous.

It is a dangerous thing to keep such pets.

Xenomania and Xenophobia are both dangerous.

Some sports are extremely dangerous but many people still like them very much.

He should be held back otherwise he can be a dangerous one.

The bite of a mad dog is very dangerous.

An angry mob is a dangerous group of people.

Cowards are unable to face dangerous situations.

He behaved very coolly in this dangerous situation.

It is dangerous to drive fa.

Is it not dangerous to work here ?

It is dangerous for your health.

He completed many dangerous bombing raids.

It’s dangerous to play with fire.

It’s dangerous to expose babies to strong sunlight.

It’s dangerous to jump off a moving train.

It’s dangerous to talk on the phone and drive at the same time.

It’s dangerous to dive in shallow water.

Do you think it’s dangerous to eat genetically modified food?

It’s dangerous to climb a mountain in bad weather.

It is very dangerous to cross this street.

This river is very dangerous to swim in.

It’s dangerous to swim in this lake.

It is dangerous to bathe in this river.

It’s dangerous to tell him your secrets because he tells everybody.

Cowards are unable to face dangerous situations.

That dog is too dangerous to let loose.

It is dangerous to walk in the centre of the road.

Personally, I think that it is a very wrong and a dangerous thing.

It’s dangerous to go there, but I’ll risk it.

Why do people take part in dangerous sports?

Isn’t it dangerous to live here?

The new method is too dangerous to be considered.

It can be dangerous to proceed.

The descent of the hill is more dangerous than its ascent.

High blood pressure is dangerous because it can damage the walls of your arteries

High BP could be dangerous to your heart.

Sunstroke can be dangerous especially if you are travelling.

That is a dangerous thing to do.

Using mobile phone at night can be dangerous for your health.

I dare not go to such a dangerous place.

I think it’s dangerous to climb a mountain on a day when it’s stormy.

An animal can be much more dangerous when wounded.

It’s very dangerous to swim in this river.

It is dangerous to fly in this heavy fog.

Do you like taking part in this dangerous experiment?”

He doesn’t want to go to such a dangerous place.

Sports can be dangerous if safety is ignored.

That river is dangerous to swim in.

I think it is dangerous for you to drive a car.

It is dangerous for children to go out alone at night.

We thought it dangerous for her to go alone.

It’s dangerous for a beginner to swim here.

It was a dangerous time.

It’s dangerous to walk on railway lines.

This river is dangerous to swim in.

It’s dangerous to climb this mountain.

It is dangerous to swim here.

It is not dangerous to live here.

Cigarettes contain nicotine and ammonia which are very dangerous for human life.

It is dangerous to walk in the middle of the road.

It is dangerous to drive fast.

It’s dangerous to play here.

She was arrested for dangerous driving.

Why people take part in dangerous sports.

Cowards are unable to face dangerous situations.

Keep an eye on him as he is a dangerous fellow.

That method is too dangerous to be considered.

It can be dangerous to proceed.

Is it dangerous to wear tight socks?

Excessive use of lime juice is dangerous for your health .

High blood pressure can be much more dangerous than you think .

Is sugar dangerous for you?

Why artificial light at night is dangerous for your health | Mind Body https:

Robots can withstand dangerous conditions.

It’s dangerous to play around the fire.

It is dangerous for you to swim in this river.

You’re stepping into dangerous territory.

It is dangerous to drive so fast.

It’s dangerous to drive faster than the speed limit.

It’s dangerous to live near a volcano.

It is dangerous to drink too much.

Don’t let your children go to dangerous places.

It’s a very dangerous sport

I think it’s dangerous to climb that mountain alone.

It is dangerous to ride a motorbike without a helmet.

Smoking is dangerous to health.

You shouldn’t have gone to such a dangerous place.

That dog is too dangerous to be left loose.

Perhaps the spread of false news is one of the most dangerous things provided to mankind.

Terrorism impacts the country gravely and has dangerous repercussions.

When the amount of noise exceeds it becomes dangerous for living beings.

The cyclone can certainly be dangerous for humanity as they can bring widespread destruction to humanity.

Technology is not always a boon it even proved to be dangerous at times.

In this we are going to discuss the main causes of environmental issues because they are very

dangerous to life and the ecosystem.

In spite of their small structure they are very dangerous and are a threat to living beings.

It has become a very dangerous environmental issue which we must resolve as soon as possible.

The bursting of firecrackers is very dangerous to birds and animals.

They are dangerous rocks and craters.

Is football a dangerous or safe game?

It helps us to overcome our faults weaknesses and dangerous situation in life.

Water scarcity has become a more dangerous problem day by day.

Drought is a dangerous condition which decreases the quality of life.

Synonyms of Dangerous


Nobody likes a person with a bad temper.

I was kept in by a bad cold.

He has very bad health.

He is a bad boy.

I don’t believe in all the talk about bad and good luck.

There are many foods that cleanse your blood vessels and remove bad fats from your body.

This helps remove bad health as well as poverty.


He scrutinizes everything with a critical mind.

Our country is passing through a critical period.

My boss has been critical of my work lately.

The patient is in critical condition.

You are too critical of others’ shortcomings.

Your mother is in critical condition.

He was critical of me.


He has done you a deadly wrong.

I saw a deadly snake in the garden.

This is a deadly habit.

There are deadly marine hazards .

How to protect yourself from deadly smog.

He was dealt a deadly blow.


It is a very delicate matter.

She has delicate features.

Teenage years are the most delicate years of a person’s life.

I find myself in a rather delicate situation.

That’s a delicate point.

A baby has delicate skin.

He’s been delicate since he was a boy.

The machine is so delicate that it easily breaks.

It’s a delicate problem.


Drinking proved fatal to him.

The scandal was fatal to his political future.


You seem to be very insecure about failing in the most important tasks in your life.

She felt insecure about her children’s future.

She felt insecure about her future.


Here is how you can get rid of those nasty stains.

Of course, not getting your bowel movement regularly is a nasty problem.

I got a nasty sting from a wasp.

I can’t get rid of a nasty cold.

What a nasty man he is!

I have a nasty feeling something’s gone wrong.

His brother was nasty to me.

He gave me a nasty punch to the face.

I have a nasty feeling that something awful is going to happen.

The spoiled meat had a nasty smell.


I had taken this perilous swim.


This work was risky and hard.

He is in a risky situation.

It is risky to visit unknown places.

To play with fire is a very risky game.

It’s risky to let him keep the money.

He underwent a risky operation.

They were reluctant to undertake so risky a venture.


Many men and women are so money-minded that they do not undertake any serious work that does not pay.

She perpetrated a serious crime.

He realized that he made a serious mistake.

It is a very serious matter of public interest.

My brother received a serious injury.

Your result shows that you are not serious in studies.

It is a serious and sacred duty of the parents.

Your face can indicate serious health problems.


The loud noise gave me a terrible fright.

A terrible accident happened in his absence.

The killer confessed his terrible act.

I had a terrible dream

I had a terrible accident riding this bike.

He caught a terrible cold.

He is terrible at math.

It was a terrible day.

We saw terrible scenes on TV.

Nothing is so terrible as an earthquake.

The heat is terrible today.

She unburdened herself of her terrible secret.


Was I threatening you ?

The sky was overcasted with threatening clouds.

They were abusing and threatening each other.

It has become a bone of contention between the two countries.

He was harassed with threatening phone calls all day.


His treacherous friend told them his secret.


Their quarrel was an ugly affair.


More people have unhealthy diet and do not do enough exercises.

Skipping breakfast is an unhealthy diet habit.


It is housed in a stuffy and unsafe room.

It’s unsafe to go there alone at night.

It is getting unsafe day by day.


A person suffering from diabetes is more vulnerable to foot problems.

Have you ever felt irritated and vulnerable after a bad nights sleep?

Mr Smith is vulnerable to this kind of criticism.






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