damage in a sentence

Children could not have done this damage.

Constant exposure to loud noise can damage our hearing capacity.

It will damage your career seriously.

It will seriously damage to your career.

What could do a terrible damage ?

The cyclone caused a lot of damage in Orissa.

Constant viewing of the television causes damage to the eyes.

Floods caused much damage.

He has done a great damage to his friend.

We must not damage public property.

The omega-3 helps the body fight against oxidative damage caused due to free radicals.

Words spoken out of bitterness can cause irreparable damage.

There was a lot of damage to houses in the deluge last year.

I will sue you for the damage.

The rioters were off their heads and they did much damage.

A great damage was done by the cyclone in Orissa.

The earthquake caused much damage.

He escaped without damage.

The earthquake caused much damage.

The storm caused extensive damage to homes and infrastructure in the coastal town.

The car’s windshield was cracked, and the front bumper suffered minor damage in the collision.

The floodwaters receded, revealing the extent of the damage to the fields and buildings.

The earthquake left a trail of destruction, with buildings reduced to rubble and widespread damage.

The leak in the roof caused water damage to the ceiling and walls of the room.

The vandal’s graffiti caused irreparable damage to the historical monument.

The fire department responded quickly to prevent the blaze from causing further damage to nearby structures.

The software update inadvertently caused damage to the system’s functionality, leading to widespread glitches.

The insurance company assessed the fire damage and estimated the cost of repairs.

The tornado’s path of destruction included uprooted trees, downed power lines, and severe property damage.

The company faced legal action after it was revealed that its products caused environmental damage.

The delicate artwork was carefully restored after it suffered damage during transit.

The hurricane’s strong winds tore through the coastal area, leaving a trail of damage in its wake.

The negotiation process aimed to determine the compensation for the damage caused by the construction project.

The natural disaster caused significant damage to the community’s infrastructure, including roads and bridges.

The impact of the collision was so severe that the vehicles involved sustained extensive damage.

The cyberattack led to data breaches and financial loss, causing significant damage to the company’s reputation.

The negligence of the contractor resulted in damage to the newly renovated building.

The preservationists worked diligently to repair the water damage to the centuries-old painting.

The agricultural sector suffered major damage as a result of the prolonged drought.

The historical documents were carefully stored to prevent further damage from exposure to light and moisture.

The faulty wiring in the building posed a fire hazard and needed immediate repair to prevent potential damage.

The improper handling of chemicals led to environmental damage in the surrounding area.

The coastal erosion caused by rising sea levels is threatening to cause damage to homes along the shore.

The vandalism in the park included damage to benches, signs, and playground equipment.

The protective measures taken by the city helped minimize the potential damage from the approaching hurricane.

The product recall was initiated after reports of potential health damage from consuming the contaminated food.

The heavy rainfall resulted in water damage to the basement of the house.

The legal battle sought to determine liability and compensation for the damage caused by the construction accident.

The pollution in the river caused extensive damage to aquatic life and the surrounding ecosystem.

The hiker’s irresponsible behavior led to damage to the fragile alpine environment.

The malicious software infected the computer network, causing irreversible damage to data and systems.

The old building was in a state of disrepair, with visible damage to its crumbling facade.

The economic downturn resulted in financial damage to businesses across various industries.

The impact of the pandemic caused significant damage to the global economy.

The company faced a public relations crisis after reports of environmental damage caused by its operations.

The graffiti artist was apprehended and fined for causing damage to public property.

The constant exposure to the sun had faded the paint on the car, causing damage to its appearance.

The conservationists worked diligently to repair the damage caused by logging in the protected forest.

The factory’s emissions were responsible for air pollution and damage to the local air quality.

The faulty wiring sparked a fire, resulting in extensive damage to the building.

The cyberattack resulted in data breaches and financial damage to numerous individuals.

The natural disaster left many families without shelter and caused widespread damage to communities.

The negligence of the contractor resulted in significant damage to the newly constructed bridge.

The invasive species posed a threat to the native flora and fauna, causing ecological damage.

The careless handling of the antique vase led to its accidental damage.

The economic recession led to job losses and financial damage for many households.

The soil erosion caused by deforestation led to damage to the landscape and reduced agricultural productivity.

The reckless driver caused a multi-car collision that resulted in extensive damage to vehicles.

The water leak in the basement caused damage to stored belongings and the structural integrity of the building.

The coastal erosion was causing damage to homes and properties situated along the shoreline.

The lawsuit sought compensation for the emotional and psychological damage caused by the incident.

The explosion in the factory caused extensive damage to nearby structures and homes.

The contaminated water supply caused health damage to the local population.

The heavy machinery used for construction inadvertently caused damage to underground utility lines.

The unauthorized access to sensitive data resulted in potential reputational damage to the company.

The excessive use of pesticides led to damage to the soil’s natural fertility.

The vandalism in the park had caused damage to historical monuments and public art installations.

The excessive heat during the summer caused damage to crops and led to reduced yields.

Synonyms Of Damage – Another Words

Accident, Blow, Bruise, Casualty, Catastrophe, Contamination, Corruption, Destruction, Deterioration, Devastation, Disturbance, Hardship, Harm, Illness, Impairment, Pollution, Suffering, Wound, Adulteration, Adversity, Affliction, Bane, Blemish, Breakage, Debasement, Depreciation, Deprivation, Detriment, Disservice, Evil, Hurt, Infliction, Knockout, Marring, Mischief, Mishap, Mutilation, Outrage, Ravage, Reverse, Ruin, Ruining, Spoilage, Stroke, Waste, Wreckage, Wrecking, Wrong

Antonyms Of Damage – Opposite Words

Advantage, Benefit, Blessing, Building, Cleanliness, Construction, Creation, Favor, Good, Good Fortune, Happiness, Health, Improvement, Purification, Aid, Development, Fortune, Giving, Good Luck, Goodness, Help, Kindness, Virtue

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