dainty in a sentence

She thought of dainty dinner.

There was hardly any dainty dish that was not served.

The dainty rose is sent by many lovers to their beloveds on Valentine’s Day.

She has many dainty collections in her room.

The dainty flowers are a feast for the eyes.

The red-wattled lapwing is a very dainty and a delicate-looking bird.

Nobody ever called me cute or dainty.

Women are supposed to be submissive, quiet and dainty.

She is very dainty.

She doesn’t mind getting her dainty hands dirty.

Girls often like dainty, decorative watches.

I have a penchant for simple, dainty jewellery.

There were many dainty dishes in the party.

These dainty dishes simply make my mouth water.

She prepared dainty dishes.

She can prepare dainty dishes.

His drawing room is decorated with dainty pictures.

There was hardly any dainty dish that was not served.

The restaurant served a dainty appetizer consisting of bite-sized shrimp on a bed of greens.

The ballerina performed a series of dainty leaps and twirls across the stage.

The bride wore a dainty tiara adorned with tiny pearls and crystals.

The artist painted a dainty watercolor of a delicate flower in bloom.

The pastry chef created a dainty dessert with layers of fluffy cake and rich cream.

The antique shop displayed a collection of dainty porcelain dolls in a glass case.

The bird perched on a branch, its dainty beak pecking at the ripe berries.

She received a dainty necklace as a gift, featuring a delicate pendant in the shape of a heart.

The ballerina danced with dainty movements, gliding across the stage.

The table was adorned with a dainty lace tablecloth and delicate china teacups.

The princess had dainty hands adorned with sparkling diamond rings.

The restaurant served dainty bite-sized appetizers that were almost too pretty to eat.

The cat gingerly picked up a dainty piece of fish from its bowl.

The artist carefully painted dainty flowers onto the canvas, creating a beautiful composition.

The dancer executed a series of dainty leaps and twirls, showcasing her grace and precision.

The boutique offered a selection of dainty jewelry, including delicate necklaces and earrings.

The afternoon tea was accompanied by an array of dainty sandwiches and pastries.

The ballerina balanced on her toes in a dainty en pointe position.

The toddler carefully held a dainty porcelain doll, treating it with gentle care.

The princess wore a dainty tiara adorned with sparkling jewels on her wedding day.

The chef meticulously crafted dainty canapés for the VIP guests at the event.

The bride’s dainty lace veil cascaded down her back, completing her bridal ensemble.

The table setting was arranged with dainty linen napkins and delicate silverware for an elegant dining experience.

The fairy fluttered her dainty wings as she flew gracefully through the enchanted forest.

The pastry chef created a masterpiece with layers of dainty, flaky pastry and a light cream filling.

The antique shop showcased a collection of dainty porcelain dolls from the Victorian era.

The young girl carefully painted her nails with dainty strokes, choosing a soft pink color.

The delicate ballerina wore a dainty tutu, embellished with shimmering sequins.

The hostess set out a tray of dainty petit fours for her guests to enjoy.

The vintage tea set had dainty teacups and saucers, each decorated with intricate floral patterns.

The florist arranged a bouquet of dainty baby’s breath flowers, adding a touch of ethereal beauty.

The lace curtains cast dainty patterns of light on the floor as the sun streamed through the window.

The ballet dancer gracefully executed a series of dainty pirouettes, captivating the audience with her elegance.

The garden was adorned with dainty fairy lights, creating a magical ambiance in the evening.

The delicate porcelain teacup had a dainty handle and a beautiful hand-painted floral design.

The bride’s veil was made of sheer, dainty tulle that gently floated behind her as she walked down the aisle.

The pastry chef crafted dainty macarons in a variety of flavors, each one a perfect bite-sized treat.

The dainty kitten gingerly pawed at a ball of yarn, playing with it in a gentle manner.

The table was adorned with dainty crystal glasses, adding a touch of elegance to the dinner setting.

The jewelry box held an assortment of dainty rings, bracelets, and earrings, each one a precious treasure.

The artist delicately painted dainty details on the portrait, capturing the subject’s essence with precision.

The tea party was set with dainty porcelain teacups, complete with delicate floral patterns and gold trim.

The ballet shoes had dainty satin ribbons that elegantly wrapped around the dancer’s ankles.

The confectioner carefully decorated the cake with dainty icing flowers, creating a stunning edible masterpiece.

The little girl’s bedroom was adorned with dainty fairy lights that cast a warm and magical glow.

The dainty hummingbird hovered near the flower, delicately sipping nectar with its slender beak.

The vintage lace gloves added a touch of elegance to the woman’s dainty hands.

The ornate teapot had a dainty spout that poured the fragrant tea with precision.

The young artist sketched a dainty butterfly with intricate patterns on its wings.

The delicate ballerina wore a dainty tiara atop her perfectly styled bun.

The dessert plate was garnished with a dainty sprig of mint, adding a refreshing touch to the presentation.

The antique brooch featured a dainty, intricately designed filigree pattern.

The baker crafted dainty, bite-sized cookies that melted in your mouth.

The delicate lacework on the wedding dress created a dainty and romantic look.

The tea set included a dainty sugar bowl and creamer, adding a touch of elegance to the table.

The bird’s nest was intricately woven with dainty twigs and soft feathers.

The skilled calligrapher used a dainty brush to create beautiful, intricate lettering.

The pastry chef meticulously crafted dainty, edible flowers as decorations for the cake.

The newborn baby had dainty fingers and tiny, perfectly formed toes.

Synonyms Of Dainty – Another Words

Cute, Elegant, Ethereal, Exquisite, Graceful, Lacy, Neat, Petite, Tasteful, Tasty, Choice, Darling, Delicious, Fair, Frail, Light, Lovely, Nice, Pleasing, Savory, Superior, Sweet, Tender, Trim

Antonyms Of Dainty – Opposite Words

Crude, Tasteless, Ugly, Unrefined, Unsophisticated, Bad, Dark, Disagreeable, Distasteful, Horrible, Inferior, Poor, Repulsive, Rough, Unpleasant, Accepting, Clumsy, Coarse, Easy, Harsh

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