dainty in a sentence

She thought of dainty dinner.

There was hardly any dainty dish that was not served.

The dainty rose is sent by many lovers to their beloveds on Valentine’s Day.

She has many dainty collections in her room.

The dainty flowers are a feast for the eyes.

The red-wattled lapwing is a very dainty and a delicate-looking bird.

Nobody ever called me cute or dainty.

Women are supposed to be submissive, quiet and dainty.

She is very dainty.

She doesn’t mind getting her dainty hands dirty.

Girls often like dainty, decorative watches.

I have a penchant for simple, dainty jewellery.

There were many dainty dishes in the party.

These dainty dishes simply make my mouth water.

She prepared dainty dishes.

She can prepare dainty dishes.

His drawing room is decorated with dainty pictures.

There was hardly any dainty dish that was not served.

Synonyms Of Dainty – Another Words

Cute, Elegant, Ethereal, Exquisite, Graceful, Lacy, Neat, Petite, Tasteful, Tasty, Choice, Darling, Delicious, Fair, Frail, Light, Lovely, Nice, Pleasing, Savory, Superior, Sweet, Tender, Trim

Antonyms Of Dainty – Opposite Words

Crude, Tasteless, Ugly, Unrefined, Unsophisticated, Bad, Dark, Disagreeable, Distasteful, Horrible, Inferior, Poor, Repulsive, Rough, Unpleasant, Accepting, Clumsy, Coarse, Easy, Harsh

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