cycle in a sentence

Riding a horse is not as easy as riding a motor cycle.

He sold the cycle.

How dare you ride a cycle without brakes ?

My father brought a cycle for me.

Why did you not lend him your cycle ?

He moves on his cycle in the early hours of the morning.

The brake of the cycle has been broken.

The cycle of change is always going on.

She is too poor to buy a cycle.

He is so poor that he can’t buy a cycle.

He has no other cycle except this.

The cycle of which I purchased is very heavy.

He made away with my cycle under my very nose.

Summer, winter and the rainy seasons make up the cycle of seasons in our country.

Forest has a significant role to play in the water cycle.

She had won a gold medal in the women’s cycle race at the national level.

Inflate the cycle.

During the monthly cycle, girls often become inactive, irritable and depressed.

Generally he goes on a cycle.

Synonyms Of Cycle – Another Words

Course, Period, Revolution, Rhythm, Round, Series, Aeon, Age, Alternation, Chain, Circle, Circuit, Eon, Loop, Orbit, Periodicity, Ring, Rotation, Run, Sequel, Sequence, Succession, Wheel

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