cultural in a sentence

I take part in various cultural programs.

Do you take part in cultural programmes?

India is extremely rich in its cultural heritage.

She attends cultural meetings.

According to ancient Egyptian cultural practices, violet is the colour for Monday.

It is extremely important that children are rooted in their culture.

Students present cultural show to mark Teachers’ Day.

The future of our cultural heritage is in hands of our youth.

A colourful cultural programme presented by school students added a festive spirit to the occasion.

Modernity has thrown all our values and cultural norms to the winds.

It has become a hub of cultural rejuvenation.

Students presented a colourful cultural programme.

Most of us are cultural freaks.

India is replete with a rich cultural and religious background.

Many cultural programs and events are organised to celebrate Janmashtami.

Onam is the biggest and most exciting cultural event of Kerala.

India is a land of cultural diversity.

It has a very important cultural significance.

Amla has a great cultural and religious significance.

Synonyms Of Cultural – Another Words

Artistic, Developmental, Adorning, Advancing, Beautifying, Beneficial, Broadening, Civilizing, Constructive, Corrective, Dignifying, Disciplining, Edifying, Educative, Elevating, Ennobling, Enriching, Expanding, Glorifying, Helpful, Humane, Humanizing, Influential, Inspirational

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