cruel in a sentence

Killing birds is a cruel sport.

She is very cruel.

He be rich but he is very cruel.

Some cruel persons kill their wives because they did not bring much dowry.

I have never seen such a cruel man.

We hated him for his cruel behaviour.

He had no wish to do so cruel act.

It was a cruel cut.

You are very cruel.

It was a cruel act.

He is cruel.

We never believed he could do so a cruel deed.

He is not a cruel man.

One should not be cruel to animals.

He is hated for being a cruel fellow.

We should not be cruel to animals.

Winter season is said to be a cruel one for the old people.

He had a cruel look in his eyes.

He is extremely wicked and of cruel nature.

He is a cruel man.

Since the man was very cruel, his wife refused to go with him.

Do not be cruel to animals.

He is not only wicked but also cruel.

He was no longer cruel.

He was cruel to his wife and his son.

She’s cruel to them.

It was a cruel act.

Can a child do such a cruel thing?

I have never seen such a cruel man.

He is very cruel to the animals.

I have been cruel to you.

He was too cruel to have pity on them.

How cruel this man is !

He is known for his cruel kindness and mean generosity.

Please don’t be cruel to me.

His cruel words cut her to the quick.

We had no respect for him due to his cruel behaviour.

Don’t be cruel to animals.

You ought not to be cruel to animals.

He isn’t cruel to animals.

He was very hurt by her cruel words.

He is a cruel person.

was sentenced to jail.

It is cruel of him to say such things to her.

It is cruel of you to find fault with her.

It’s a perfect example of cruel fate.

It was cruel of him to beat his dog.

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