crowded-word meaning in punjabi

Adjective : ਭੀੜ, ਸੰਘਣੀ, ਸੰਘਣੇ, ਸੰਘਣਾ, ਸੰਘਣੀਆਂ Example Sentences : The train was so crowded that none of us could get a seat. A large number of people crowded in the ground. They crowded to the palace. The bank was crowded with customers. The market places get crowded with people. There is an acute shortage … Read more

crowded-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : जनसंकुल, जनाकीर्ण, परिपूर्ण, भीड़, संकुल, भरा हुआ, अधिक भीड़ वाली Example Sentences : The students crowded the teacher. We were crushed into the crowded train. We had a casual meeting on the crowded street. The eager spectators crowded into the stadium. His store is always crowded with customers. They crowded into my house … Read more

crowded in a sentence

The people crowded the bus stand. A big city is always crowded and noisy. The journalists crowded around the chief minister. In Delhi, the buses are mostly crowded. The bus was awfully crowded. The hotels are crowded with tourists. It is a very crowded city. The roads are getting more and more crowded with the … Read more