crops in a sentence

Heavy rain coupled with high-velocity winds flattened standing crops.

The crops are waving in the slow breeze.

Farmers plough fields and grow crops.

The farmers feel very happy on seeing waving ripe crops in their fields.

We require water for bathing, cooking, washing, irrigating our crops and cleaning.

Cowdung is used as manure for crops.

The floods destroy crops.

The flood has destroyed all the crops.

Storm has damaged the crops.

Farmers are cutting the crops.

The farmers grow crops.

The growing crops looked very beautiful.

The farmers are reaping the crops.

Farmers need land to grow crops.

Crops failed for want of rain.

Heavy rains at this time are hurtful to the crops.

Hordes of locusts destroyed crops.

Had the farmers not reaped the crops before the rains started ?

The standing crops were drowned in water.

Baisakhi is celebrated to mark harvesting of the wheat crops in Punjab.

The crops have been damaged.

Farmers are cutting the crops.

The drought has caused a great harm to the crops.

It is the time when crops are ready to be harvested.

Too many monkeys spoiled the crops.

The farmers were harvesting the crops.

The crops have dried up for want of rains.

There has been a failure of crops in the whole State.

The rain having fallen, the crops revived.

Failure of crops has resulted in famine.

It has made fertilizers to increase the output of crops.

We are interested in reaping the crops of our own efforts.

Just to feed every belly, several crops are cultivated in the same piece of land.

Machines reap, thresh and pack crops.

Hybrid seeds improve crops, fertilizers make them grow fast and strong and pesticides thwart diseases.

The rains were a deliverance to the farmers who were worried that their crops would fail.

The growing crops looked very beautiful.

The flood has destroyed all the crops.

The crops revived.

The main crops they grow are wheat rice and coffee.

Floods destroy crops.

It has caused damage to crops and brought .

They had poor crops year after year.

The crops were badly damaged by the storm.

The crops need rain.

The crops failed last year.

The crops were damaged by the flood.

The crops are up to the average.

The farmers will have reaped the crops by now.

The crops have withered.

Poor crops may cause famine.

That amount of crops isn’t enough to support their economy.

The crops will have been harvested by him.

It rain soon, or the crops will die.

The crops have failed as there has been no rainfall.

The cyclone damaged the crops.

The farmer, whose crops were damaged, is very sad.

The crops failed for the lack of rain.

The crops will have been reaped by the farmers before the rainy season sets in.

The crops have been totally damaged.

But for the timely rain the crops would have dried up.

His crops were damaged.

If the rains are good and timely, our crops are also good and the people will be prosperous.

The crops perished under flood waters.

The crops failed for want of water.

Synonyms Of Crops – Another Words

Output, Produce, Product, Yield, Byproduct, Crops, Fruitage, Fruits, Gathering, Gleaning, Reaping, Vintage

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