crisis in a sentence

The government should take all possible steps to help farmers in their hour of crisis.

There are a number of factors which led to the situation of energy crisis.

The modern age has been suffering from the crisis of character.

It is important to analyse the cause of the water crisis in this world.

Water conservation through various sources is the key solution to the trouble of water crisis.

In the absence of any planning and regular studies you will land yourself in time crisis.

His courage failed him in the crisis.

One of the main reasons of water crisis is that the water is getting polluted.

He is undergoing a terrible mental crisis.

Energy crisis is a global problem now.

Synonyms Of Crisis – Another Words

Catastrophe, Change, Confrontation, Crunch, Deadlock, Dilemma, Disaster, Emergency, Impasse, Mess, Pressure, Situation, Trouble, Climacteric, Climax, Contingency, Corner, Crossroad, Crux, Culmination, Embarrassment, Entanglement, Exigency, Extremity, Height, Imbroglio, Juncture, Necessity, Pass, Perplexity, Pickle, Pinch, Plight, Predicament, Puzzle, Quandary, Stew, Strait, Trauma, Trial, Urgency

Antonyms Of Crisis – Opposite Words

Agreement, Benefit, Blessing, Breakthrough, Calm, Good Fortune, Good Luck, Happiness, Miracle, Peace, Solution, Success, Wonder, Advantage, Boon, Certainty

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