creativity in a sentence

It is indeed a happy blend of intellect and creativity.

Creativity is more important than the methodology being used to solve problems.

One can do the most difficult task only when one’s mind is full of creativity.

Creativity can be promoted by asking questions in an interesting way.

The youth of today doesn’t restrict creativity while explore new realms.

Creativity can be inculcated in students by exposing them to different environments.

Creativity leads to the birth of new thoughts and inventions.

Summer camps in city breed creativity among kids.

His creativity never knew any boundary.

You should nourish this creativity.

Holidays are a time to bring out child’s creativity rather than push him under the load of work.

Skill and creativity are inter-related.

He is remembered through his art and creativity.

Creativity plays an important role in everyone’s lives.

It is a happy blend of intellect and creativity.

There can be no creativity without peace.

Synonyms Of Creativity – Another Words

Cleverness, Genius, Imagination, Imaginativeness, Ingenuity, Inspiration, Inventiveness, Originality, Resourcefulness, Talent, Vision

Antonyms Of Creativity – Opposite Words


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