create in a sentence

A sweet smile and a favourable nod hold the power to create a flutter in a young heart.

After that the government decided to create a state-sponsored family planning program in all the states of the country.

All these things create unrest in the minds of students.

Answer It is important to keep our neighbourhood clean because it will create a hygienic and serene environment.

Bad breathe can often create rift or end your relationship.

Cyclones create several damages for people living around tropical areas.

Do you know how to create an email account?

Do you want to create trouble ?

Encourage people to plant more trees to create a fine balance in nature.

Extinction of these animals will create an imbalance in the ecosystem gravely.

Family is an important pillar in our life which can create long-lasting impacts in our lives.

Focus on doing basic research to create quality content.

For men and women these medicines can create disastrous impacts.

Give suggestions to create awareness among the people to save water.

Go where you like, only do not create a scene here.

He does his best to create communal harmony in the society.

He expected that this would create a sensation.

He should create in him the beauty of thought and action.

He tried to create tensions in the family.

He wants to create a name in the world of art.

Hoarders create artificial shortage of goods and sell them at higher prices.

How can we create vivid expression in our piece of writing ?

Humans have used their knowledge to create things that we can’t imagine a few centuries back.

I do not want to create any bad feelings among us.

I do not want to create any bad feelings between us.

I do not want to create any bad feelings.

I shall try to create an atmosphere of good-will and cordiality.

I would create in students regard for human values.

I would create more and more job opportunities.

I would like to create an email account.

If one community vows to practice afforestation we can successfully create a whole new forest.

If the resources are not used wisely it would create an imbalance in the environment.

If the wife and husband stay united and defend each other than no one can create the rift between the two.

If we see the removal of a tree then we should inform the local authority about it to create awareness.

In cities the government is promoting industrialization to create more jobs.

It aimed to create jobs for millions of youth and reduce the level of unemployment in the country.

It aims to create a state of panic amongst the people.

It can create a feeling of brotherhood amongst masses.

It has the power to create and destroy.

It has the power to create new laws as well as overrule policies that might violate our constitution.

It is difficult for low-income families to buy school uniforms every passing year and it may create a strain in their budget.

It is due to science contribution we can create new innovation and build new technological tools.

It meant for improving the market of digital network in the country to create a global hub for business.

It takes unethical methods just to create revenue.

Knowledge can create and destroy at the same time.

Machinery and motors used in the industries create a lot of noise.

Man has been able to develop and create so many new things and keeps on inventing creating and discovering newer and newer things.

Many NGOs are trying to create awareness on AIDS.

Movie and television actors create a big impact on Fashion.

One can create a unique personality due to good manners.

Positivity will create a peaceful abode in your home.

Sometimes outsiders visiting the hostel create a mess.

Students will create a rumpus over this issue.

Terrorism Essay Terrorism is an act which aims to create fear among ordinary people by illegal means.

The development of these businesses motivates others to do business and create an opportunity for others.

The most powerful thing in the world is knowledge because it can create and destroy life on earth.

The presence of a policeman should create a sense of confidence and security.

The stored water was used to create hydro-electric power.

The traffic congestion and constant blowing of horns create excessive noise pollution.

The utterance of this mantra will create a magical spell.

The youth must particularly create a balance between their academic performances physical activities and social media.

There are many causes to create this problem.

These attacks create divides between people from different regions ethnicities and religions.

These unpleasant sounds cause several disturbances and create an imbalance in the environment.

These wastes create another type of land pollution.

They bring peacefulness create a pleasing and relaxing environment.

They create a distance between people.

They create love for art and skill.

This will help them create an identity of their own.

Thoughtless speech can create great complications.

Thoughtless words create many difficulties.

To create compost pit at home some items are required.

Various events will be organized on this day to create awareness.

Volcanoes emit a large amount of lava producing harmful gases which create a higher than normal amount of Acid Rain.

We can create and invent new things but machines cannot do such types of work because they use artificial intelligence.

We give you some tips which you can use to create inner peace .

We have to create employment opportunities.

We help us create meaningful relationships in the outside world.

We must protect them to not create an imbalance in nature’s cycle.

We should always create an atmosphere of friendship among our neighbours.

What impact does the caste system create in society?

When we spend time with our families and love each other and communicate openly we create a better future for us.

When you are kind to your loved ones you create a stable base.

Who will create the trouble ?

Why did you create this row ?

You can create a detailed timetable or a timeline of some sort to help you with the steps.

Your purpose is to create more joy in life or to show others how you can live your life in the best possible manner.

Synonyms Of Create – Another Words

Build, Conceive, Constitute, Construct, Design, Devise, Discover, Establish, Forge, Form, Found, Generate, Initiate, Invent, Make, Organize, Plan, Produce, Set Up, Shape, Spawn, Start, Actualize, Author, Beget, Coin, Compose, Concoct, Contrive, Effect, Erect, Fabricate, Fashion, Father, Formulate, Hatch, Imagine, Institute, Invest, Occasion, Originate, Parent, Perform, Procreate, Rear, Sire

Antonyms Of Create – Opposite Words

Break, Conclude, Demolish, Deny, Destroy, Dismantle, Disorder, Disorganize, End, Finish, Ignore, Lose, Neglect, Raze, Refuse, Ruin, Stop, Fail, Halt, Prevent, Wreck

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