create in a sentence

I would like to create an email account.

Do you want to create trouble ?

Do you know how to create an email account?

Go where you like, only do not create a scene here.

Who will create the trouble ?

Machinery and motors used in the industries create a lot of noise.

There are many causes to create this problem.

I do not want to create any bad feelings between us.

We have to create employment opportunities.

The utterance of this mantra will create a magical spell.

Students will create a rumpus over this issue.

Do you want to create trouble ?

I would create in students regard for human values.

He does his best to create communal harmony in the society.

I do not want to create any bad feelings.

Thoughtless speech can create great complications.

Cyclones create several damages for people living around tropical areas.

He expected that this would create a sensation.

Sometimes outsiders visiting the hostel create a mess.

Give suggestions to create awareness among the people to save water.

How can we create vivid expression in our piece of writing ?

Hoarders create artificial shortage of goods and sell them at higher prices.

He tried to create tensions in the family.

I shall try to create an atmosphere of good-will and cordiality.

Why did you create this row ?

Thoughtless words create many difficulties.

All these things create unrest in the minds of students.

It can create a feeling of brotherhood amongst masses.

Do you want to create trouble ?

He wants to create a name in the world of art.

Many NGOs are trying to create awareness on AIDS.

They create love for art and skill.

He should create in him the beauty of thought and action.

We have to create employment opportunities.

I would create more and more job opportunities.

I do not want to create any bad feelings among us.

For men and women these medicines can create disastrous impacts.

Bad breathe can often create rift or end your relationship.

We give you some tips which you can use to create inner peace .

Positivity will create a peaceful abode in your home.

Synonyms Of Create – Another Words

Build, Conceive, Constitute, Construct, Design, Devise, Discover, Establish, Forge, Form, Found, Generate, Initiate, Invent, Make, Organize, Plan, Produce, Set Up, Shape, Spawn, Start, Actualize, Author, Beget, Coin, Compose, Concoct, Contrive, Effect, Erect, Fabricate, Fashion, Father, Formulate, Hatch, Imagine, Institute, Invest, Occasion, Originate, Parent, Perform, Procreate, Rear, Sire

Antonyms Of Create – Opposite Words

Break, Conclude, Demolish, Deny, Destroy, Dismantle, Disorder, Disorganize, End, Finish, Ignore, Lose, Neglect, Raze, Refuse, Ruin, Stop, Fail, Halt, Prevent, Wreck

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