crafty in a sentence

Sometimes the youth falls a prey to the machinations of crafty politicians and begin to play to their tunes.

Many crafty builders give attractive shape to the frontal parts of the houses they build, but they use inferior material inside.

Our ancestors were clever and crafty.

You need to be wary of crafty colleagues lest they land you in trouble.

Beware of crafty people.

Don’t let crafty people put you off.

Be cautious of a crafty people.

He is a crafty player.

He is a crafty cricketer.

He is a very crafty person.

His character was crafty.

Are you crafty?

They are not only selective but also crafty and intelligent in their communication.

He is crafty to the core.

You are a person who is crafty and full with ideas.

They are creative and extremely crafty.

He is well known for attacking batting and crafty bowling.

He is a crafty politician.

Be wary of crafty colleagues lest they cause trouble.

She is a cunning and crafty woman.

Be cautious of a crafty colleague.

Be wary of crafty colleagues.

He is a crafty businessman.

He is known for his crafty nature.

Kids learn crafty ideas at summer camp.

I saw through your crafty game.

People are clever and crafty.

He is a rich and crafty fellow.

He is more crafty than wise.

Marie’s crafty hands swiftly weaved a beautiful tapestry, impressing everyone with her artistic talents.

As a crafty negotiator, John managed to secure a fantastic deal for his company, leaving the competitors stunned.

The crafty fox stealthily stalked its prey through the dense forest, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

With a crafty grin, Sarah pulled off a hilarious prank on her unsuspecting friend, leaving everyone in fits of laughter.

The detective employed crafty tactics to unravel the mystery and apprehend the elusive criminal.

Using crafty problem-solving skills, the engineering team devised an innovative solution to the complex engineering challenge.

The crafty magician dazzled the audience with his clever sleight of hand and mind-boggling illusions.

Despite her innocent appearance, she had a crafty mind and could outwit her opponents in any board game.

The crafty entrepreneur spotted a niche in the market and launched a successful startup that quickly gained popularity.

In the ancient tales, the crafty trickster often outsmarted the gods and managed to escape their wrath with clever tactics.

The crafty cat pounced on the toy mouse, displaying its natural hunting instincts with precision and grace.

With a crafty smile, the cunning politician managed to turn the tables on his opponent during the heated debate.

The crafty con artist spun an elaborate web of lies to deceive the unsuspecting victims and make off with their money.

Sarah used her crafty charm to persuade her skeptical parents into letting her go on the exciting adventure trip.

The crafty spy infiltrated the enemy’s headquarters, gathering crucial information without raising any suspicion.

The crafty chef experimented with unique flavors and ingredients, creating a gastronomic masterpiece that impressed even the most discerning food critics.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the crafty survivor utilized limited resources to build a shelter and find food in the wilderness.

The crafty architect incorporated eco-friendly design elements into the building, making it both visually stunning and environmentally sustainable.

The crafty children devised a secret code to communicate with each other, making their playtime even more exciting and mysterious.

With a crafty wink, the experienced gambler bluffed his way to victory, leaving his opponents scratching their heads in disbelief.

She had a crafty idea for decorating the party venue.

The crafty squirrel managed to steal all the birdseed.

He’s known for his crafty card tricks.

The crafty fox managed to outsmart the hunters.

She had a crafty way of convincing others to help her.

His crafty smile hinted at his mischievous intentions.

The crafty cat caught the mouse using a clever strategy.

The crafty entrepreneur found a loophole in the regulations.

She used a crafty disguise to attend the masquerade ball.

His crafty manipulation of the situation got him what he wanted.

The crafty weaver created intricate patterns in her tapestries.

The crafty magician amazed the audience with his tricks.

She gave him a crafty wink as they shared a secret.

The crafty detective solved the mystery using his keen observation skills.

He devised a crafty plan to get back at his prankster friends.

The crafty inventor created a gadget that solved everyday problems.

She had a crafty way of avoiding chores and responsibilities.

The crafty trader always managed to get the best deals.

His crafty negotiation tactics led to a favorable outcome.

The crafty artist transformed ordinary materials into beautiful sculptures.

She had a crafty way of deflecting questions she didn’t want to answer.

The crafty chef combined unexpected ingredients for a delightful dish.

The crafty child built an impressive castle out of cardboard boxes.

His crafty move in the chess game caught his opponent off guard.

The crafty politician skillfully navigated the complex issues.

She had a crafty plan to surprise her friends with a picnic.

The crafty escape artist managed to free himself from the ropes.

His crafty use of color created a striking painting.

The crafty spy managed to infiltrate the enemy’s camp undetected.

She had a crafty way of making everyone feel included.

The crafty writer wove a compelling story full of twists.

His crafty speech convinced the skeptical audience.

The crafty engineer designed an innovative solution to the problem.

She had a crafty knack for finding hidden treasures.

The crafty cat always found a cozy spot to nap.

His crafty interpretation of the rules allowed him to win the game.

The crafty gardener created a beautiful landscape with limited space.

She had a crafty habit of leaving surprises for her family.

The crafty artisan created exquisite jewelry from precious metals.

His crafty maneuver helped the team secure a victory.

The crafty thief managed to pickpocket without anyone noticing.

She had a crafty way of handling difficult situations.

The crafty architect designed a modern building with a traditional touch.

His crafty use of technology revolutionized the industry.

The crafty spider spun an intricate web to catch its prey.

She had a crafty plan to make her classmates laugh during the presentation.

The crafty woodworker turned pieces of timber into elegant furniture.

His crafty strategy allowed him to win the challenging puzzle.

The crafty entrepreneur started a successful online business.

She had a crafty way of persuading people to donate to the charity.

The crafty mechanic fixed the car using unconventional methods.

His crafty interpretation of the law helped his client win the case.

The crafty spider spun its web in a strategic location.

She had a crafty method for remembering important dates.

The crafty hacker found a vulnerability in the system.

His crafty cooking skills impressed everyone at the potluck.

The crafty weaver used vibrant colors to create stunning textiles.

She had a crafty approach to solving complex math problems.

The crafty puppeteer brought the characters to life with his skills.

His crafty negotiation tactics secured a favorable contract.

The crafty seamstress transformed old clothes into fashionable outfits.

She had a crafty way of getting her siblings to cooperate.

The crafty fisherman knew all the best spots to catch fish.

His crafty disguise allowed him to attend the costume party incognito.

The crafty woodcarver turned a plain block of wood into a masterpiece.

She had a crafty knack for making DIY decorations.

The crafty chef improvised a delicious meal from leftovers.

His crafty plan to surprise his partner worked like a charm.

The crafty artist created a mural that brightened up the entire street.

She had a crafty trick for soothing her crying baby.

The crafty baker whipped up a batch of mouthwatering pastries.

His crafty approach to problem-solving impressed his colleagues.

The crafty inventor built a machine that performed multiple tasks.

She had a crafty way of negotiating win-win deals.

The crafty actor took on various roles with ease.

His crafty use of metaphors enriched his poetry.

The crafty knitter turned balls of yarn into cozy scarves.

She had a crafty strategy for acing the challenging exam.

The crafty detective followed the clues to solve the case.

His crafty technique for creating pottery made him well-known.

The crafty artist used unconventional materials for her sculptures.

She had a crafty method for organizing her workspace.

The crafty illusionist amazed the audience with his tricks.

His crafty manipulation of data led to insightful findings.

The crafty spy infiltrated the enemy’s headquarters without detection.

She had a crafty way of making learning fun for her students.

The crafty forger created convincing replicas of famous paintings.

His crafty improvisation skills shone during the comedy show.

The crafty entrepreneur seized the opportunity and launched a successful business.

She had a crafty plan to surprise her parents on their anniversary.

The crafty engineer designed a gadget that simplified daily tasks.

His crafty use of technology revolutionized the industry.

The crafty strategist devised a plan to outwit the competition.

She had a crafty knack for finding solutions to complex problems.

The crafty hacker exploited a vulnerability in the software.

His crafty approach to negotiations secured a favorable deal.

The crafty inventor developed a groundbreaking invention.

She had a crafty way of making her friends laugh.

The crafty writer crafted a gripping plot with unexpected twists.

His crafty manipulation of the situation saved the day.

Synonyms Of Crafty – Another Words

Astute, Cagey, Canny, Devious, Insidious, Intelligent, Shrewd, Slick, Sly, Smart, Subtle, Wily, Adroit, Artful, Calculating, Crazy Like Fox, Cunning, Deceitful, Deep, Designing, Disingenuous

Antonyms Of Crafty – Opposite Words

Foolish, Honest, Idiotic, Imbecile, Open, Straight, Straightforward, Stupid, Unclever, Unintelligent

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