crafty in a sentence

Sometimes the youth falls a prey to the machinations of crafty politicians and begin to play to their tunes.

Many crafty builders give attractive shape to the frontal parts of the houses they build, but they use inferior material inside.

Our ancestors were clever and crafty.

You need to be wary of crafty colleagues lest they land you in trouble.

Beware of crafty people.

Don’t let crafty people put you off.

Be cautious of a crafty people.

He is a crafty player.

He is a crafty cricketer.

He is a very crafty person.

His character was crafty.

Are you crafty?

They are not only selective but also crafty and intelligent in their communication.

He is crafty to the core.

You are a person who is crafty and full with ideas.

They are creative and extremely crafty.

He is well known for attacking batting and crafty bowling.

He is a crafty politician.

Be wary of crafty colleagues lest they cause trouble.

She is a cunning and crafty woman.

Be cautious of a crafty colleague.

Be wary of crafty colleagues.

He is a crafty businessman.

He is known for his crafty nature.

Kids learn crafty ideas at summer camp.

I saw through your crafty game.

People are clever and crafty.

He is a rich and crafty fellow.

He is more crafty than wise.

Synonyms Of Crafty – Another Words

Astute, Cagey, Canny, Devious, Insidious, Intelligent, Shrewd, Slick, Sly, Smart, Subtle, Wily, Adroit, Artful, Calculating, Crazy Like Fox, Cunning, Deceitful, Deep, Designing, Disingenuous

Antonyms Of Crafty – Opposite Words

Foolish, Honest, Idiotic, Imbecile, Open, Straight, Straightforward, Stupid, Unclever, Unintelligent