covered in a sentence

There was a time when 50% of the Indian soil was covered with forests.

Keep the food covered.

Your clothes are covered with dirt.

The Himalayas are covered with forests.

Head is covered with hair.

Our classroom walls are covered with pictures and charts.

He covered the food with a cloth.

My car is covered against all losses.

This property is covered by insurance.

It is a common fact that every inch of the human body is covered with hair.

You need to keep your head covered and not directly expose it to sun.

Not all swimming pools are covered.

Covered shoes often cramp your toes.

Never microwave the dishes covered in Alluminium foil or any metallic material.

Keep yourself fully covered to avoid mosquito bites.

Flies are attracted to ripening fruit, so keep them covered.

Keep Your Feet covered.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Your feet is safe from dirt and sun tan only if you wear covered shoes.

Synonyms Of Covered – Another Words

Camouflaged, Capped, Closed, Coated, Concealed, Enclosed, Hidden, Painted, Protected, Shielded, Topped, Wrapped, Bound, Disguised, Enveloped, Hooded, Masked, Overlaid, Roofed, Secreted, Sheathed, Sheltered, Surfaced, Varnished, Veiled

Antonyms Of Covered – Opposite Words

Bare, Exposed, Open, Uncovered, Unmasked, Empty, Passed Over, Revealed, Unfurnished