Courteous-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : नम्र, भद्र, मिलनसार, विनीत, शालीन, शिष्ट, सानुनय, सुशील, सुसम्य, विनम्र, विनयपूर्ण

Example Sentences :

At a party one may wear the masks of courteous person.

If a principal wishes to manage his staff satisfactorily, he must not forget to be courteous to them.

He is courteous and obliging, and has a simple for every one.

Be truthful, courteous and helpful to others.

It is a courteous leave-taking before ending a letter.

We thank you for your courteous letter

He is courteous and correct, polished and polite in his conduct and behaviour.

Well, I advise you to be very courteous to your new one.

She’s courteous to them.

You haven’t been courteous to the man.

It is very courteous of you to call on me.


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