courteous in a sentence

  1. We must learn how to be polite and courteous.
  2. A merchant who is not courteous soon loses his customers.
  3. We should be courteous to our younger and sympathetic towards children.
  4. He is simple, humble and courteous person.
  5. We should be true, fair, kind, helpful, courteous and considerate to all.
  6. He is courteous to all of us.
  7. A gentleman is kind and courteous.
  8. An ideal student is courteous to one and all.
  9. The people in my city are gentle and courteous.
  10. Are you courteous to your elders?
  11. He is polite and courteous to everybody.
  12. He is always polite and courteous.
  13. Be courteous to him.
  14. He was always immaculately dressed and incredibly polite and courteous.
  15. He is sober, soft-spoken and courteous.
  16. He looks like a gentleman to the core, mannerly and courteous.
  17. He impressed the guests with his courteous and affable manners.
  18. Your courteous behaviour and sentiments help your love life.
  19. The cunning are often excessively courteous.
  20. They wrote us a courteous thank-you note.
  21. He was highly courteous to us when we visited him.
  22. The letters should be courteous.
  23. He is learned, but he is not courteous.
  24. He is polite and courteous to all.
  25. His behaviour is always courteous.
  26. The staff of the organisers was very efficient and courteous.
  27. It is good to be courteous and polite.
  28. We should be courteous and polite to the others.
  29. What is the effect of courteous words ?
  30. It was an honour to have received your courteous invitation letter.
  31. Be truthful, courteous and helpful to others.
  32. Be courteous and considerate to everybody.
  33. He is polite and courteous to all.
  34. He is courteous in manners.
  35. A merchant who is not courteous soon loses his customers.
  36. He is courteous and obliging for every one.
  37. Be courteous and considerate to everybody.
  38. She is courteous to all.
  39. He is polite and courteous to all.
  40. It is good to be courteous and polite.
  41. He is more kind and courteous than he appeared to be.
  42. He is not courteous to his employees.
  43. Be courteous and considerate to everybody.
  44. We thank you for your courteous letter
  45. He is extremely decent and courteous with his class-fellows.
  46. He is courteous and helpful to everyone.
  47. Be courteous .
  48. She’s courteous to them.
  49. You haven’t been courteous to the man.
  50. It is very courteous of you to call on me.

Synonyms of Courteous


  • He was more ceremonious than sincere.
  • One should not be ceremonious with one’s intimate friends.


  • Last month I had to visit the local civil hospital.
  • He was deprived of his civil rights.
  • It was civil of him to offer his seat to the old man.


  • Weren’t they civilized ?
  • Let we try and think of some civilized people.
  • Is there any credit to be civilized ?
  • What makes a man civilized ?
  • It is necessary to lead a civilized life.
  • It is also the basis of civilized life.
  • Being civilized means making beautiful things, thinking freely and keeping the rules.


  • She is a complaisant lady.


  • Be courteous and considerate to everybody.
  • She’s considerate of them.
  • You should be more considerate of your parents.


  • This art can be cultivated by practice.
  • A scientific outlook and temper should be cultivated to do away with superstitions.
  • Mangoes have been cultivated in India since time immemorial.
  • This has to be cultivated with government help.
  • The virtue of courage should be cultivated in children.
  • Rice is cultivated in several parts of the world.
  • Good habits should be cultivated in childhood.
  • That farmer cultivated a acre plantation.


  • He is a very gallant gentleman.
  • His brave action will inspire his comrades to put up a gallant fight.


  • A person who is gracious enough to forgive the evil doer, has so much of divinity in him.
  • He was gracious enough to go and see him.
  • His subordinates loved him, for he was gracious to them.
  • She is gracious to everyone.
  • He was gracious enough to invite us.


  • I polished my shoes.
  • I polished the table until it shone.
  • Do you have your shoes polished everyday?
  • Don’t be taken in by his sweet tongue and polished manners, in fact, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • I polished up the floor and furniture.
  • My brother polished the silver.
  • She is a polished lady.


  • It was polite of him to write and thank us.
  • We thank you very gratefully for your polite and friendly letter
  • Be polite to your elders.
  • They’re always polite to us.
  • Is it polite to say that?
  • They’re polite to us.
  • She’s polite to us.
  • It was polite of him to thank them.
  • He pretends to be polite.
  • It is not polite to interrupt someone while he is talking.


  • He is known for his refined tastes.
  • We are dealing in cotton refined oils.
  • This order is indicative of refined culture and good behavior.
  • Education makes the people refined and responsible in their dealings with men and matters.
  • He has set his heart on learning correct and refined English.
  • She is a very refined lady.


  • You should be respectful to your seniors.
  • Good boys are respectful to all.
  • I have always been very respectful to all my professors.
  • We should be respectful to our teachers.
  • The students were respectful and obedient.
  • Be respectful to your elders.
  • We should be respectful to our teachers.
  • Should I not be respectful to my elders ?
  • Be respectful to your parents.
  • Students should be respectful to their teachers.
  • He is respectful to his superiors.
  • Be respectful to your elders.
  • Be respectful to your superiors.


  • His urbane manners charm everyone.
  • His urbane manners won him popularity.


  • In the class-room he is the most well-behaved boy.
  • Students of this college are by and large well-behaved and accommodating.
  • He is a well-behaved boy.


  • It was a well-bred little animal.


  • He is a well-mannered boy.










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