corner in a sentence

He sat in a corner.

He is standing in the corner of the room.

Telephones, faxes, internet are making the information pass in any corner of the world instantly.

He shuffled off the old newspaper to a corner.

He has a soft corner for the poor and needy.

I wiped a tear from the corner of my right eye.

He watched me out of the corner of her eyes.

He has turned the corner and are recovering very fast.

I do not believe in adopting a hole and corner policy.

He was sitting in a deserted corner of the park.

They would ransack every corner of your house in case they come.

Although the patient has turned the corner still he is in a critical condition.

The patient has turned the corner.

She placed the chair in the corner.

We selected a shady corner.

Success has just the corner.

This was discussed in every nook and corner of the city.

His home was round the corner.

the completion of work is round the corner.

The festival of colours is around the corner and if you are in the game, somebody will .

The monsoon is the just round the corner.

He tried to corner his opponent in the meeting.

He stood in a corner of the room.

I have bought a corner plot.

He knew every corner of the town.

The man standing at the corner knows me.

She is standing at the corner of the room.

The festival of lights is around the corner & almost everyone is getting ready with Diwali decoration.

Synonyms Of Corner – Another Words

Edge, Intersection, Rim, Bend, Branch, Cloverleaf, Crook, Crossing, Fork, Joint, Junction, Projection, Ridge, Shift, Veer

Antonyms Of Corner – Opposite Words

Center, Middle

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