conversation in a sentence

What was the subject of the conversation ?

It is difficult to keep up a conversation with someone who only says `Yes’ and ‘No’.

Our conversation was entirely about business matters.

It is rude to interrupt others in conversation.

Why doesn’t he join in the conversation ?

What are the elementary rules for good conversation ?

What is good conversation made of ?

You have to nurture a good conversation carefully.

Let the conversation be brisk and rapid.

Complete their conversation.

Good conversation is an art.

Disconcerting and confusing references should be avoided in conversation.

Everybody likes him for his civility of conversation and politeness of manners.

I did not want to make conversation with anybody.

Please do not start this conversation again.

I want to listen to this conversation.

What makes good conversation ?

What should we remember regarding conversation ?

Where does one find good conversation these days ?

She is sweet and affable in conversation.

Good conversation is an art.

In conversation one must be a good listener and a good talker.

I broke into their conversation.

They carried on the conversation in a loud tone.

Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.

We do not make the necessary effort to cultivate the art of conversation.

Synonyms Of Conversation – Another Words

Chat, Comment, Communication, Conference, Consultation, Debate, Discussion, Exchange, Gossip, Hearing, Observation, Questioning, Remark, Speech, Talk, Visit, Colloquy, Communion, Confab, Confabulation, Converse, Expression, Gab, Intercourse, Jive, Palaver, Parley, Powwow, Repartee, Ventilation, Yak

Antonyms Of Conversation – Opposite Words

Listening, Quiet, Silence, Disagreement, Quietude

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