controlled in a sentence

The firemen had controlled the fire.

The traffic in large cities is controlled by computers.

This can be controlled if the management is effective.

The disease was effectively controlled by the doctors.

They controlled the situation powerfully.

The police has controlled the situation without using any force.

The population should be controlled.

Schools and colleges are controlled by the education department of the government.

The traffic in large cities in controlled by computers.

Population should be controlled to lessen the need of forest cutting.

If procrastination can be controlled, the success of a person will be a lot more convincing.

Abuse of science must be firmly controlled.

They had already controlled the mob.

She controlled the difficult situation.

Although there is no specific cure for diabetes it can be controlled .

Cholesterol needs to be controlled .

If not controlled this can block blood circulation in the heart and lead to stroke.

Why should air pollution be controlled?

Your anger issues may need to be controlled.

Exercise and a controlled diet can keep one’s heart healthy, said .

The urinary incontinence can be controlled using various methods.

Emotions have to be controlled.

The coach was immediately evacuated and the fire was controlled in a few minutes.

Exercise and a controlled diet can keep one’s heart healthy, said .

She controlled her tears.

Do you believe our destinies are controlled by the stars?

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