control in a sentence

We must take steps to control the fast growth of our population.

Man has no control over thirst, hunger and sleep.

She has no control over her class.

If you control your thoughts, then you can control your life too.

One who can control himself cannot be defeated by anyone.

Most of us cannot control our tongues.

If a person knows how to control his mind, he can actually win over any circumstances.

Traffic police control traffic on roads.

We can control our habits by exercising self-discipline over our thoughts.

To control the rise in temperature from carbon dioxide, we should plant more and more trees.

What measures should we take to control pollution of air?

Population control is a crying need of the hour.

He has no control over his children.

Control your eating habits.

High levels of blood pressure are bad for your heart and keeping it in control is important to maintain your overall health.

Diabetes is a condition where the body is not being able to control the blood glucose level.

Introduce oats to your diet in order to keep your cholesterol under control.

They might be beyond anyone’s control.

How to control your Appetite?

The driver lost control of the vehicle and it fell into a gorge.

Are you no longer in control of your mind?

When you fight against all odds and have control over your temptations it indicates that you have a strong will power.

In spite of all pre arrangements, there will be things beyond your control .

You need to cut down on carbohydrates to control your blood sugar levels.

The police couldn’t control the mob

You should control your temper.

You should control yourselves.

It has become difficult to control the mob.

The government must take steps to control the rising prices.

The driver couldn’t control it.

Sometimes, when the crowd becomes violent, police is called to control it.

Most of us had been able to control sorrow.

This is beyond the control of the management.

When you fully recover, you should control your diet.

Keep control of your anger.

There is still time to control it.

The TV remote control is under the couch.

He couldn’t control himself.

He couldn’t control his emotions.

We control the fear.

Synonyms Of Control – Another Words

Authority, Curb, Discipline, Domination, Force, Government, Jurisdiction, Management, Oversight, Regulation, Restraint, Restriction, Rule, Supervision, Ascendancy, Bridle, Charge, Check, Clout, Containment, Determination, Direction, Dominion, Guidance, Juice, Limitation, Manipulation, Might, Predomination, Qualification, Regimentation, Ropes, Strings, Subjection, Subordination, Superintendence, Supremacy, Sway, Weight

Antonyms Of Control – Opposite Words

Chaos, Disorganization, Freedom, Lawlessness, Mismanagement, Neglect, Advantage, Inability, Weakness, Helplessness, Powerlessness, Relinquishment, Renouncement