contentment in a Sentence

Contentment gives us inner wealth, the wealth of the mind and of the soul.

He is blessed with cheerfulness and contentment.

Happiness’ is a state of mind which comes from contentment.

Contentment is essential to happiness because happiness is subjective as well as relative.

Contentment means satisfaction with what a man possesses in life.

Happiness consists in contentment.

Contentment is a matter to mind.

Contentment is a perfect condition of life in which no aid or support is needed.

Contentment is the state or feeling of being contented with one’s lot.

Contentment and happiness are not achieved by material possessions.

Contentment is the virtue of a great mind.

A happy man is a simple man whose level of contentment is very high.

The ultimate goal of every life is happiness and contentment.

Most parents do not want their children to pursue contentment.

He found contentment in wiping the tears away from the faces of the people.

Contentment opens your heart.

Without contentment no one gets satisfaction.

Contentment is the need of time.

Contentment is happiness.

Taking a cold drink gives joy and contentment in the summer.

You must bear in mind that contentment leads to happiness.

Happiness lies in contentment.

He is blessed with cheerfulness and contentment.

Without contentment, we lose all rest and peace of mind.

Real happiness comes from contentment, honesty and integrity.

What does contentment stand for ?

There was contentment on his face.

True happiness consists in contentment.

The secret of his contentment is that he earns his living through honest means.

Real happiness comes from contentment, honesty and morality.

A look of contentment appeared on his face.

I always find contentment in a good book.

Synonyms Of Contentment – Another Words

Complacency, Fulfillment, Gratification, Pleasure, Satisfaction, Serenity, Content, Contentedness, Ease, Equanimity, Gladness, Peace, Repletion

Antonyms Of Contentment – Opposite Words

Disappointment, Dissatisfaction, Trouble, Unhappiness, Agitation, Excitableness, Upset, Worry, Discomfort

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