content in a Sentence

What is the content of this letter?

I am content with what I have.

He is happy because he is content.

I am happy and content with my life.

Some people are content with very little.

Be content with what you have.

He is happy and content person.

How can we be content?

Enlightenment cannot be achieved unless mind, body and soul are content.

Be content in the changing world.

I remain content with what I have.

Are we really content with what we already have?

Raisins are one of the best dry fruits that are rich in iron content.

She is content in life.

Garlic is a spice that is known for its high sulphur content.

The water content in vegetables can hydrate your skin.

Tomatoes are widely known for their outstanding antioxidant content.

Eating foods rich in water content during summer helps in keeping the body cool.

Sweet candies are high in sugar content.

Dry fruits are fruits which lose all the moisture content.

Smoking reduces the content of vitamin C from the body.

Bananas are an excellent energy food which are rich in natural sugar content.

Broccoli is rich in fibre content and phytochemicals.

He is a content writer.

Try to be content with what you have.

We should be content with what we have

You ate to your hearts content.

Though he is poor, he is happy and content.

We should be content with what we have.

He ate to his heart’s content.

Be content with what you have.

We ate to our heart’s content.

Have you gone through the content of my letter ?

All of us enjoyed ourselves to our heart’s content.

We had our lunch to our heart’s content.

We should be content with what we have.

You can talk to your heart’s content.

She was not content with what she had.

I am content with what I have.

He is content with his salary.

The summer season offers you variety of fruits which are loaded with water content and health benefits.

I am content with my current position.

I am content with my circumstances.

I’m content with my salary.

The content of his speech was interesting.

He was never content with his success.

He is content with his present state.

She is content with his present salary.

Be content with your lot

I’d be content if you paid me with cash.

He is content with his present position.

Are you content with your present salary?

I am not content with what I am.

Some people are never content with what they have.

She is very content with her job and has no desire to quit it.

He is content with the simple life.

As a result they will be able to lead a content life on the planet.

For about one hour we ate to our heart’s content chatted and laughed without restrictions.

Present content in digestible chunks.

It is best to work hard and well so that we can lead a great and content life.

Present content in small digestible chunks.

It also increases the content of organic matter in soil.

I had to be content with sailing paper-boats.

Students will also have to follow formal writing conventions to ensure that the content is neat and presentable.

This enables you to write in-depth content and also articulate effectively.

The content of a cigarette is nicotine which causes addiction and this slowly and gradually gets deposited in the veins.

Synonyms Of Content – Another Words

Comfortable, Contented, Fulfilled, Satisfied, Willing, Appeased, Gratified

Antonyms Of Content – Opposite Words

Discontented, Unhappy, Unsatisfied, Upset, Depressed, Disagreeable, Discontent, Dissatisfied, Disturbed