contains in a sentence

The Indian National Flag contains three colors and thus also called as the Tiranga.

This book contains all types of questions asked in various competitive examinations.

A polluted soil often contains varieties of germs of diseases.

Milk contains a big package of nutrients that is especially important for bone health, which makes your body stronger while doing away with impurities.

Wheat grass juice is an effective healer that contains important minerals and vitamins.

A constitution is a written document that contains a set of rules for a government.

Watermelon is extremely alkaline forming in the body and contains high amounts of goo.

Apple contains malic acid, which helps to digest rich fatty foods.

Our body contains some glands that do not have arteries.

This pot contains milk.

The jug contains milk.

This bottle contains six doses of medicine.

It contains high amount of fiber.

This jug contains juice.

This pot contains sugar.

This box contains new books.

Carrot contains abundent iron.

This bottle contains milk.

That book contains 300 pages.

This medicine contains extracts of rose.

This book contains quotations from great writers.

The glass contains milk.

This bottle contains nothing but water.

This pot contains honey.

This book contains beautiful stories.

This tumbler contains water.

People want the government to ban this film as it contains a number of lewd songs.

This film should be banned as it contains some indecent songs and dances.

This pot contains milk.

This bag contains clothes.

The Internet contains a great amount of information.

This bottle contains nothing but water.

This jug contains milk.

This house contains five rooms.

This book contains a lot of photos.

This water contains a little alcohol.

This glass contains water.

This book contains much information.

The answer to this question contains the key to the whole problem.

The jug contains milk.

The glass contains milk.

This book contains much information.

Apple cider vinegar contains a good amount of acetic acid.

Apple contains antioxidants that help fight against the cancer cells.

Sugarcane juice is low in calories and contains no cholesterol.

Water contains hydrogen and oxygen.

This cake contains flour.

Synonyms Of contains – Another Words

accommodate, consist of, enclose, encompass, have, incorporate, involve, comprehend, comprise, embody, embrace, hold, seat, subsume

Antonyms Of contains – Opposite Words

exclude, free, disbelieve, let go, release